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If you believe you are entitled to LOT - Polish Airlines flight compensation for delays or cancellations, you've landed on the right platform. Our expertise lies in describing your air passenger rights, and we possess the necessary resources to assist you in claiming compensation, potentially amounting to $650 (€600) per person.

Gain insight into your rights regarding ec261 compensation from LOT - Polish Airlines, whether it's for flight delays or cancellations. Our dedicated team is well-equipped to guide you through the process, ensuring you receive the flight compensation you deserve.

Based on our analysis of recent LOT - Polish Airlines flights, we observed 1798 departures within a 24-hour period, with 47.39% of them departing punctually. Should your flight have experienced a delay or cancellation, be informed and empowered to seek the appropriate LOT - Polish Airlines compensation for delayed flights or cancellations.

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LOT - Polish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

How many LOT Polish Airlines flights were delayed today?

  • Our data shows that,over a 24-hour period, there were 16 LOT - Polish Airlines flights delayed by over 3 hours. 0 of domestic flights and 1.16% of international flights were delayed over 3 hours. Passengers who arrive at their destination over 3 hours late could be entitled to compensation. Check here. More about Lot’s on-time performance

What Are Your Rights for LOT - Polish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation under EC261?

Despite the best efforts of airlines like LOT - Polish Airlines to adhere to their published schedules, flight delays can occasionally disrupt travel plans. Fortunately, for travellers facing such inconveniences, air passenger rights provide a safeguard, particularly when encountering delays with LOT - Polish Airlines flights.

According to EC 261, a European Union regulation, passengers experiencing delays of 3 hours or more in reaching their destination due to airline-related issues may be eligible for compensation for delayed flights from LOT - Polish Airlines, potentially reaching up to $650 per person.

While certain exceptional circumstances , such as adverse weather conditions or airport-related problems, may exempt airlines from compensation obligations, instances like technical issues or airline staff strikes are typically grounds for compensation under EC 261.

It's noteworthy that you generally have a window of up to 3 years to initiate a claim for flight delay compensation with LOT - Polish Airlines. Use our easy-to-use flight delay compensation calculator by entering your flight details to determine your eligibility for cash compensation. Our expert team is readily available to guide you through the process and assist you in securing the compensation you deserve. Travel confidently, knowing your rights are protected in the face of unforeseen flight delays with LOT - Polish Airlines.

Delayed or cancelled flight with LOT - Polish Airlines? Find out if you're owed up to $650 in compensation

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LOT - Polish Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation

How many LOT Polish Airlines flights were cancelled today?

  • Recent data shows LOT Polish Airlines cancelled 66 over 24 hours.
    3.12% of domestic flights and 3.84% of international flights were cancelled.
    Was your flight cancelled less than 14 days before you were due to fly?
    You could be owed up to $650 (€600) compensation. Check here.
    More about LOT - Polish Airlines’s on-time performance

What Are Your Rights When It Comes to Lot - Polish Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation Under EC261?

LOT - Polish Airlines strives to adhere to Europe's air passenger rights laws, especially when it comes to flight cancellations. In the unfortunate event of a LOT - Polish Airlines flight cancellation, passengers are entitled to clear provisions: the airline must either provide alternative transportation to the destination or offer a refund, depending on the passenger's preference.

Moreover, passengers informed of the cancellation less than 14 days before their scheduled departure may also have the opportunity to claim compensation for canceled flights from LOT - Polish Airlines, potentially amounting to up to $650 per person under EC 261 compensation regulations.

Typically, LOT - Polish Airlines endeavours to promptly rebook affected passengers onto another flight at no extra cost. Should the alternative flight not be suitable for your plans or if you have a change of preference, you have the right to request further adjustments.

It's important to note that if LOT - Polish Airlines successfully arranges an alternative flight that lands at a similar time to the original one, compensation may not be applicable. This approach ensures passengers reach their destination with minimal disruption.

However, in many cases where last-minute cancellations occur, passengers may have valid claims for LOT - Polish Airlines canceled flight compensation. Exceptions apply if the cancellation results from circumstances beyond the airline's control, such as adverse weather conditions or incidents at the airport, classified as extraordinary circumstances.

For a more comprehensive understanding of your rights and the process involved in claiming flight cancellation compensation from LOT - Polish Airlines, explore additional information here.

Claim up to $650 in compensation if your flight has been delayed, cancelled, or overbooked within the last 3 years.

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What Are Your Air Passenger Rights Under EC261 for Lot - Polish Airlines Flight Compensation?

With its headquarters situated within the EU, LOT - Polish Airlines ensures that the majority of its flights fall under the protective umbrella of EC 261, a globally renowned air passenger rights regulation.

Under the comprehensive provisions of EC 261, passengers have the right to seek compensation when faced with the disruptions of delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights, situations beyond their control. This regulation extends the scope of protection to include past flights, allowing passengers to make claims for incidents that occurred within the preceding 3 years.

Whether you've encountered a flight delay, a cancellation, or an overbooking with LOT - Polish Airlines, rest assured that EC 261 compensation offers you a recourse to ensure your rights are upheld. Familiarize yourself with the details of this robust regulation to confidently navigate through the complexities of claiming compensation for past or present flight-related inconveniences. Travel with the assurance that your rights as an air passenger with LOT - Polish Airlines are safeguarded under the provisions of EC 261.

Which LOT - Polish Airlines Flights are Covered by EC 261?

 Covered by EC 261
Flights departing EU airports Yes
Flights arriving at EU airports Yes

How Much LOT - Polish Airlines Flight Compensation Can You Request?

Table shows values in € as specified in EC 261

It's essential to note that there are exceptions and special circumstances that might influence the flight compensation owed by LOT - Polish Airlines in your specific case. For a precise assessment of what you're entitled to, use our free compensation check. This tool ensures you have a clear understanding of the compensation applicable to your situation, providing you with the information needed to assert your rights with confidence.

Flight Statistics: LOT - Polish Airlines delays and cancellations

LOT - Polish Airlines On-time Performance (24 hours):

Total flights: 1798
Flights on time: 852
On time rate: approximately 47.39% of all flights were punctual
Long delays (over 3 hours): 16
Flight cancellations: 66

Flight numbers shown are estimates, based on internal databases and third parties.

About LOT Polish Airlines

Established in 1929, LOT Polish Airlines is Poland's flag carrier and one of the oldest airlines in operation. With a fleet of over 80 aircraft, LOT serves more than 120 routes across Europe, Asia, and North America. Known for its modern fleet and excellent service, LOT prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction, offering a range of travel classes. The airline is a symbol of Polish hospitality and a key player in Central and Eastern European aviation, bridging cultures and destinations with ease.

Contact Information:
Website: www.lot.com
Phone: +48 22 577 99 01
Email: [email protected]

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