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SWISS Claim Compensation

Whether you’ve had a delayed flight or canceled flight with SWISS (Swiss International Airlines), you’ve come to the right place for information on how to get the SWISS compensation you deserve. At AirHelp we strive to take the burden of air passengers whose flight experience has been disrupted and are entitled to compensation.

Continue reading to learn how we can help you enforce your flight rights.

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Delayed or Canceled Flight with SWISS? Check Your Compensation

SWISS Delay Compensation

Try as they might to ensure every flight experience of their passengers is void of issues – unfortunately, Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) flight delays and cancellations happen.

Naturally, the airline tries to make every effort to stick to their advertised schedules, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. When a flight takes an unexpected turn, AirHelp strives to be the silver lining of air travel. This is because we help you get the SWISS claim compensation you deserve from the airline if you have suffered a flight mishap and the airline is at fault.

Just enter your flight details into our free flight delay compensation calculator and it will inform you of whether you are eligible to make a claim. The calculator is also a helpful resource for showing how much the airline owes you in both Swiss delay compensation or canceled flight compensation.

SWISS Delay Compensation

Under the EU regulation, EC 261 – which protects the rights of air passengers – not all flight delays are eligible for compensation.

According to the legislation, passengers are entitled to Swiss delay compensation if their flight arrived at the final destination 3 hours after the scheduled estimated time of arrival.

Other factors also determine whether you are eligible for claiming cash compensation for a flight delay. For instance, certain perks offered by the airline like a voucher could waive your right to SWISS delay compensation. This is why it’s very important to be diligent and not sign any document offered to you by an airline when there has been a flight issue without reading the fine print.

If you want to avoid the hassle of working out if your SWISS airlines’ flight delay qualifies for delay compensation – our easy-to-use compensation calculator will do the grunt work for you. Provided that our compensation checker confirms that you are indeed eligible for compensation for your flight mishap – our team of trusted industry experts will help you with your claim at each step of the way.

SWISS Air Cancelled Flight Compensation

Under EU regulation, if you are a SWISS passenger and your flight is canceled and:

  • You were not informed of your flight’s cancellation, or
  • You were informed of the cancellation less than 14 days before departure, or
  • You weren’t offered a rerouting option

You can be eligible for SWISS cancelled flight compensation.

Generally speaking, when SWISS cancels flights, the airline will attempt to rebook passengers onto another flight at no additional charge. In fact, in most cases of canceled flights, SWISS will automatically try and rebook you onto another flight. You can request further changes if the alternative flight doesn’t work for you, or if you no longer wish to travel that route.

The situation is different if you need to cancel your flight. There is no compensation owed if it is your decision to cancel your flight. Tickets can usually be rebooked on SWISS’s website. You may be asked to pay a rebooking fee and a handling charge, depending on the type of ticket you purchased. If you rebook a ticket that turns out to be more expensive than your original flight, you’ll need to pay the difference. As a general rule, as long as there are still seats available, you can usually rebook your ticket in the same fare class or higher.

Are You Eligible For Up To $700 SWISS Compensation? Check Your Compensation

How is SWISS Compensation Calculated?

There is a popular misconception about SWISS compensation which is the amount of compensation you are owed depends on the price of your ticket. It isn’t. According to EC 261, which elaborates on air passenger rights, the amount of SWISS claim compensation you are owed when you’ve suffered a flight delay is based on the distance of your flight.

Our helpful chart breaks down what you are owed based on the distance of your flight. The currency is given in Euros because EC 261 is an EU legislation.

And remember, when in doubt of how much Swiss compensation you are owed, you can follow this link to our free compensation checker and find out in minutes how much you are entitled to for your Swiss airlines flight disruption.

Delayed Flight with SWISS? Claim up to $700 in compensation. Claim Now
  • €250 for flights delayed three hours or more, in which the total flight distance is less than 1,500 km
  • €400 for flights delayed three hours or more, in which the total flight distance is between 1,500 km and 3,500 km (or more than 1,500 km within the EU).
  • €300 for flights delayed between three and four hours
  • €600 for flights delayed more than four hours, in which the total flight distance is more than 3,500 km (or between an EU and non-EU airport).

If your flight is delayed five hours or more, by law, the airline has to give you:

  • A full refund for the flight
  • A full refund for other flights in that same reservation which you won’t be able to make
  • A flight back to your original point of departure (the first airport you departed from)
  • Food and drinks
  • Access to phone calls and e-mail
  • Accommodation if you're delayed overnight as well as transportation between the airport and the hotel

When are You Not Entitled to SWISS Compensation?

According to EU legislation, there are circumstances when a delay or cancellation will not lead to SWISS delay compensation.

This is when the delay or cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances, which is loosely defined as scenarios beyond an airline’s control. These situations include but are not limited to: lightning strikes, medical emergencies, and strikes by airport or air traffic control staff. However, if the airline staff members strike, then the affected flight qualifies for compensation because airline management is considered responsible for their employees’ behavior.

However, note that if an airline explains that a flight delay or cancellation occurs because of “technical difficulties” or “operational difficulties,” these circumstances do not count as “extraordinary circumstances.”

That means you are still eligible for flight cancellation compensation.

SWISS Lost and Delayed Baggage Compensation

Unfortunately, circumstances like technical problems or bad weather can lead to baggage getting damaged or not arriving at the destination airport at the same time as the passenger.

SWISS Delayed Baggage Compensation

If your baggage arrives later than expected and leads to dire consequences for your journey, you could be entitled to SWISS delayed baggage compensation. Read our helpful list of the correct action to take and the documents you will need in this situation.

SWISS Lost Baggage Compensation

If you traveled on SWISS and find out that your luggage never arrived at the airport, you could be entitled to SWISS lost baggage compensation.

We’ve written an article that gives a helpful list of all the important things to do if your baggage gets bashed up on a SWISS flight, read the list here.

Why should I claim my compensation with AirHelp?

“Each year almost nine million passengers are entitled to compensation for delayed and canceled flights, as well as denied boarding. Yet, 87% of travelers do not know their rights.

Only 66% of these people will file for the compensation that they are legally owed.

68% of travelers feel that they are not informed by airlines following a flight disruption, so AirHelp is the perfect solution for frustrated, time-is-of-the-essence passengers facing delays which are out of their control. AirHelp offers travelers a hassle-free experience for gaining the compensation that is rightfully theirs.”

I’m very happy of all your help and…

I’m very happy of all your help and services! Very professional, easy and fast.
Thanks again!

- Jorgen

I would fully recommend using AirHelp.

I would fully recommend using AirHelp to anyone who has experienced a cancelled flight. The communication was easy and the money that we were compensated with is now in my account. This is all after the airline refused any sort of compensation or real apology. Excellent work, folks.


- Family

About Swiss Airlines

Swiss International Airlines AG is the national airline of Switzerland operating scheduled services in Europe and to North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Its main hub is Zurich Airport, with a focus city operation at Geneva Airport.

Swiss Airlines Headquarters

Address: Swiss International Airlines Ltd., Obstgartenstrasse 25, 8302 Kloten

Airline IATA Code: LX


Recently Delayed and Canceled Flights for Swiss Airlines

Flight number Route Date
LX 1843 Athens (ATH) – Zurich (ZRH) 2018-11-30 Check Compensation
LX 434 Geneva (GVA) – London (LCY) 2018-11-29 Check Compensation
LX 457 London (LCY) – Zurich (ZRH) 2018-11-29 Check Compensation
LX 435 London (LCY) – Geneva (GVA) 2018-11-29 Check Compensation
LX 461 London (LCY) – Zurich (ZRH) 2018-11-29 Check Compensation
LX 456 Zurich (ZRH) – London (LCY) 2018-11-29 Check Compensation
LX 455 London (LCY) – Zurich (ZRH) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation
LX 1487 Prague (PRG)  – Zurich (ZRH) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation
LX 380 Zurich (ZRH) – Manchester (MAN) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation
LX 454 Zurich (ZRH) – London (LCY) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation
LX 2902 Zurich (ZRH) – Agno (LUG) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation
LX 381 Manchester (MAN) – Zurich (ZRH) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation
LX 2903 Agno (LUG) – Zurich (ZRH) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation
LX 1175 Stuttgart (STR) – Zurich (ZRH) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation
LX 2093 Lisbon (LIS) – Geneva (GVA) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation
LX 1174 Zurich (ZRH) – Stuttgart (STR) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation
LX 2092 Geneva (GVA) – Lisbon (LIS) 2018-11-28 Check Compensation