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      Trustpilot 4.6/5 based on 102,623 reviews

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      5 hours ago

      It took some time, but at the end they got the compensation as promised. The money they charge is much but is worth to avoid the hassle of dealing with the airlines directly, specially if you’re not an EU citizen.

      The Good Box

      5 hours ago

      AirHelp was terrific! I filed a claim for my family of 3 and received reimbursement for 2 of us. They are in litigation with the airline for the remainder of my compensation. The staff is helpful and they answer questions/emails within 24 hours. I highly recommend them!

      Shari Shepetofsky

      6 hours ago

      AirHelp provided outstanding service and got me insight on compensation I didn't even know I had a right to. They were very informative professional and timely when returning emails. Thanks.

      Greg Pitre

      8 hours ago

      Super easy. They reached out and let me know that I might be eligible for a refund and several weeks later... bingo! I still recall how upset I was with the flight change at the time and how I felt that there wasn't much I could do about it. So, this is a nice turn about. Great service. Great communication. I would definitely use AirHelp again.

      Stephen Friedenthal

      11 hours ago

      I actually didn't believe how fast the process went. I complained with the airline and they just ignored me. When I went through Airhelp the issue was solved in a few weeks

      Gabriela Levy

      13 hours ago

      My flight was cancelled while I was at the airport waiting to board, and received very little information from the flight company. When I contacted the flight company direct they insisted that I was not entitled to any compensation. Overall a positive experience and outcome with AirHelp. Although the process took quite some time, they kept me informed at relevant stages during the process.

      Ken Brady

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      Claim up to €700 for your delayed or canceled flight.

      All airlines

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