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Flight Compensation in Brazil

Often air passengers don’t know they are entitled to cash compensation when air travel goes wrong.
Don’t be one of them.

If you’ve had a flight that was delayed, canceled or overbooked, read on to learn what you’re entitled to, and how AirHelp can help you claim compensation.

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Disrupted Flight? Claim Your Compensation

AirHelp can help you get compensation if:

  • You're on a flight which lands or takes off in Brazil
  • Your flight was overbooked which resulted in denied boarding - OR - your flight was delayed - OR - Your flight was canceled
  • The airline didn't provide necessary communication, refreshments or accommodation
  • The flight was within the last 5 years (2 years for international flights)

How much compensation are you entitled to?

In previous cases, when passengers have had flight disruptions, we’ve helped them get as much as $1,300 (per passenger) in compensation.

Flight Compensation in Brazil
Compensation amount
Flight delay Up to $1,300 per person
Flight cancellation Up to $1,300 per person
Denied boarding Up to $690 per person

It’s important to note that Brazilian legislation does not specify the amount of compensation air travelers are entitled to in the case of flight delay or cancellation. The compensation a traveler can get is based on individual circumstances.

Different factors affect flights which in turn changes how much cash compensation you’re entitled to.

These factors include the length of the journey, the care (or lack of) that the airline offered, and the reason behind the flight disruption. You could end up receiving slightly less — or more — than the amounts we show here.

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Compensation for Brazilian Flights

Flight Delay Compensation in Brazil — When are you owed flight compensation?

If your Brazilian flight is delayed for 4 hours or more you could be eligible for compensation.

Timing is key and makes the difference between you waiting for your flight in a state of financial stress and being compensated for the inconvenience the airline has caused you.

Under Brazilian legislation, if your flight is delayed for 1 hour, you are entitled to care and assistance from the airline, including communication facilities. After 2 hours you are entitled to food and drinks. And after a 4-hour delay, you are entitled to an alternative flight to your destination, and accommodation if you will be delayed overnight.

If the airline fails to provide you with appropriate care, you can claim cash compensation, up to $1,300 (per passenger).

Flight Delay? Claim Compensation

Flight Cancellation Compensation in Brazil — When are you owed flight compensation?

You may be entitled to as much as $1,300 (per passenger) compensation if your flight is canceled with short notice. Especially if the airline does not provide you with ONE of the following:

  • Another flight
  • Reimbursement for the airline ticket you paid, including taxes and airplane fees
  • Suitable transportation to complete your journey

Flight Cancellation? Claim Compensation

Flight Overbooking Compensation in Brazil — When are you owed compensation?

In the event of an overbooked air carrier, if the passenger is denied boarding and does not voluntarily accept to give up their seat, the airline must pay compensation.

For international flights, the amount corresponds to $690, and for domestic flights, $345.

How To Claim Compensation With AirHelp

AirHelp makes the claim process simple. Fill in a few details about your flight, tell us what happened, and our team of expert claim agents will handle the rest.

We’ll check the details of your flight and build a case for compensation. And we’ll handle all the negotiations with the airline on your behalf.

About AirHelp

It’s our mission to help air passengers. Since 2013 we’ve helped over 16 million travelers who were inconvenienced by flight disruptions.

Whether it’s flight delays, flight cancellations, missed connections, or denied boarding — our team of air passenger rights experts help travelers around the world get compensation when their travel doesn’t go according to plan.

Why Use AirHelp?

Claiming compensation for Brazil flights with the airline or a lawyer can be stressful, which is why AirHelp is here to help.

Flight Compensation in Brazil
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Compensation and Brazilian Passenger Rights

In Brazil, air passenger rights are regulated by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). What does this mean for travelers who suffer flight mishaps like delays or cancellations? It means whether you have a domestic Brazilian flight or an international flight arriving or departing from a Brazilian airport — there are laws in place to ensure that when air travel goes wrong, airlines don’t desert you.

Before 2016, ANAC Resolution 141 and Portaria 676/GC – 5, from May, 2000 were the regulation that governed the rights and obligations applicable to flights departing and arriving in Brazil. In 2016, these old regulations were replaced by ANAC 400.

This regulation explains the level of care and assistance airlines should bestow on air passengers. It also details what compensation they are entitled to when they are denied boarding,

This type of support, where an airline is obligated to pay to minimize travelers’ discomfort at the airport is known as ‘material assistance.’

If an airline fails to provide material assistance as listed in ANAC 400, then under Brazil’s Consumer Code, a traveler can seek repayment for material damages. Additionally, customers can claim for what’s known as ‘moral damages.’ This is an amount of money to make up for the inadequate treatment.

Moral damages amounts to compensation for a traveler’s stress and suffering when flight issues occur.

This is where AirHelp comes in to fight for your air passenger rights. We use our expertise and knowledge to make sure travelers get cash compensation when flight issues occur.