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Your Air Passenger Rights After Hannover Airport Delays and Cancellations

We know how frustrating it can be to experience Hannover Airport delays and cancellations. For most people, traveling is stressful enough without the added strain of a disrupted flight. After all, a late flight can lead to missed connections, bookings, and events — in other words, a delay not only leads to loss of time but loss of money as well.

This is why EU Regulation No. 261/2004 was created. Shortened to EC 261, it’s a law that protects air passengers by making the airlines financially responsible for flight delays and other disruptions that they are responsible for.

According to EC 261, Airport cancellations and delays could qualify for up to $700 compensation as the airport is located in the EU. Your nationality doesn’t matter — if your flight departed from the EU zone or was to the EU with an EU airline, it’s covered. Flights to the outermost regions of the EU are covered too, including the Canary Islands, French Guiana, the Azores, and Madeira.

Is your Flight Covered by EC 261?

RouteEU AirlineNon-EU Airline
Departures from Hannover Airport ✔️ Yes ✔️ Yes
Arrivals at Hannover Airport ✔️ Yes ❌ No

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Compensation for Hannover Airport Canceled Flights

When there are Hannover Airport flight cancellations, you may be eligible for compensation provided that the airline was found to be responsible for the disruption.

Whether your flight qualifies or not is also dependent on when the airline canceled your flight — if you hear about it less than 14 days before departure, you are entitled to compensation. The amount that you receive will depend on the distance that your flight was supposed to cover.

But regardless of whether you get compensation or not, the airline is still obligated to provide you with care, which means that they must provide you with free meals, refreshments, and accommodation.

EC 261 also says that you must be given an alternative flight to your intended destination — provided you still wish to travel. You do have the option of getting a refund instead.

You can learn more here.

Compensation for Delayed Flights from Hannover Airport

If you’ve had delays in Hannover Airport that lasted more than 3 hours, you may qualify for compensation if the airline was found to be responsible for the disruption.

It’s important to remember when it comes to eligibility for compensation, it is the arrival time at your destination that matters, and not the departure time. This means that if you arrived at your destination more than 3 hours late, you and your fellow passengers could get compensated and each receive up to $700.

Along with compensation, you also have the right to care, which means that the airline is responsible for providing you with meals and refreshments, as well as a free hotel if you are expected to wait for a long time.

You can learn more about your rights during a flight delay here.

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How Much Compensation can you Get?

All flights under 1,500 kmUp to €250 per person
Internal EU flights over 1,500 kmUp to €400 per person
Non-internal EU flights between 1,500 - 3,500 kmUp to €400 per person
Non-internal EU flights over 3,500 kmUp to €600 per person

Table shows values in € as specified in EC 261

The distance traveled is the primary factor in determining how much compensation you are owed. However the length of the delay can also affect the amount of compensation in some scenarios. Use AirHelp to calculate exactly what you're owed.

Extraordinary Circumstances — When are Flights Not Eligible?

Even if you experience cancellations or lengthy delays in Airport, not all flights qualify for compensation. Sometimes, the delay is unavoidable as the airline must prioritize the safety of the passengers and flight crew. These are flight delays caused by extraordinary circumstances, which are situations outside of the airline’s control.

Extraordinary circumstances include severe weather conditions, natural disasters, political unrest and strikes initiated by airport employees or air traffic control. (However, strikes by airline staff are eligible for EC 261 compensation.)

You Should Check for Compensation When:

  • You've had a flight delayed by 3 hours or more, or canceled less than 14 days before the scheduled departure.
  • Your flight departed from the EU or was on an EU airline arriving in the EU.
  • The disruption occurred in the last 3 years.

Claim with the world’s leading air passenger rights organization and get the compensation that is owed to you. Claiming with AirHelp is easy and stress-free. Start your claim today.

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