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You can get up to $650 (€600) per person in Fly2 Sky delay compensation or Fly2 Sky cancellation compensation for any flight from the past 3 years. AirHelp’s claim process is risk-free and easy — we calculate how much you’re owed within minutes. Try our Compensation Checker now.

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Some Key Points on Fly2 Sky Flight Delay Compensation

When you’re traveling, Fly2 Sky flight delays are the last thing you want to hear about. Delays are stressful, and oftentimes, can ruin your travel plans because you miss out on planned tours, bookings, or events.

This is why the EU has EC 261 in place, an air passenger rights law that ensures that you get essential care and monetary compensation in the event of a delay. This means that you can receive flight delay compensation from Fly2 Sky, as it is an airline based in the EU. Passengers of Fly2 Sky can, therefore, expect to receive as much as $650 should the airline be considered at fault.

Of course, like all laws, there are exceptions — not all delays qualify for compensation. Delays that are under 3 hours, for example, do not qualify, and neither do delays caused by extraordinary circumstances.

Extraordinary circumstances refer to situations that are beyond an airline’s control, such as inclement weather, medical emergencies, and health, safety, or security risks.

However, even if Fly2 Sky is not required to pay, they are still obligated to provide you with essential care while you wait, including food, refreshments, and if needed, accommodation and transport. You can learn more about your rights here.

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Some Key Points Regarding Fly2 Sky Flight Cancellation Compensation

No one wants to hear that their travel plans will be affected by Fly2 Sky flight cancellation. If you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t panic, and brush up on your air passenger rights instead.

Once you’ve received the news, check your departure schedule — was your flight cancelled less than 14 days before you were set to depart? If so, you might be entitled to Fly2 Sky cancelled flight compensation. You could get up to $650, depending on the travel distance.

Fly2 Sky is also required to offer a replacement flight to your intended destination, or give you a refund — whichever you prefer.

It is important to note, however, that if you were offered a replacement flight and your arrival time is similar to that of the original flight, Fly2 Sky is not obligated to pay compensation. You only receive compensation for significant delays.

Another exception is if the flight was disrupted by an extraordinary circumstance, which is a situation outside of the airline’s control. But even if they do not owe you compensation, they must still provide you with essential care in the form of food, refreshments, and accommodation.

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Fly2 Sky Compensation - What does EC 261 Cover?

You are entitled to Fly2 Sky flight compensation because they are based in the EU, meaning they are protected by air passenger rights laws. Flights from non-EU carriers, for example, are not eligible for compensation unless they are departing from an EU airport.

Which Fly2 Sky flights are covered by EC 261?

Covered by EC 261
Flights departing EU airports ✔️ Yes
Flights arriving at EU airports ✔️ Yes

How Much Fly2 Sky Flight Compensation Can You Get?

All flights under 1,500 kmUp to $270 per person
Internal EU flights over 1,500 kmUp to $430 per person
Non-internal EU flights between 1,500 - 3,500 kmUp to $430 per person
Non-internal EU flights over 3,500 kmUp to €600 per person

Table shows values in € as specified in EC 261

Your Fly2 Sky compensation is calculated based on the distance your flight covers. Though there are exceptions based on your situation, generally, longer flights that cover more than 3,500 km can receive up $650 per passenger.

Can I get a refund and compensation if my Fly2 Sky refund and reimbursement flight was cancelled due to coronavirus?

Generally, no — you can only get a refund for your flight ticket after a cancellation as coronavirus is an extraordinary circumstance and therefore is not eligible for compensation.

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