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Travel Affiliate Program FAQs

Have a question about our program? Here are the most asked about questions

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What does AirHelp do?

AirHelp is a service that helps airline passengers to get the compensation that’s owed to them after a disrupted flight (including cancellations, delays and overbookings). We have over five years’ experience and are proud to have helped over seven million passengers who’ve experienced travel trouble.

Which flights/airlines do you work with?

We work with all airlines. What’s more important is where the flight disruption occurred, as we are best able to help passengers flying in the EU where they are covered within the EC 261 framework.

This law covers compensation for passengers if:

  • The flight is delayed by more than three hours
  • The flight is canceled, depending on the notice period provided
  • Involuntary boarding denials where the passenger has not compromised their own ability to board the flight (e.g. by showing up too late or missing the required documentation).

Location wise, the flights included are

  • All flights departing from a EU airport regardless of the airline’s nationality.
  • All flights landing at EU airports if operated by EU airlines.
  • Intra EU flights.

How do I join your affiliate program?

Just leave us your name, email, and main website from where you would be promoting AirHelp here.

Do I need to have my own website?

You don’t need to have your own website to promote AirHelp. However, the promotion happens through a link, so you will have to have a way of sharing your affiliate link online.

We expect our affiliates to be active online, with regular promotions and an engaged audience. Having a clear picture of how our product can reach your audience and where our content would be is important for the program’s organization, as well as for setting the commissions. If you’re not sure if you meet these requirements, contact us at [email protected] so that we can discuss your case.

My website is under construction, can I still join the program?

Like to plan early? If your website is under construction, you can still apply to the program, however, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can discuss your case.

In order to set an affiliate fee that reflects the value and challenges of your market, please let us know the areas your website would be reaching.

What kind of websites do you accept? Can I promote you on social media?

Flight delays happen to everybody!

We are open to accepting different kinds of websites and traffic, as long as they don’t feature mature or violent topics. You don’t need to have a big following, however, in case we don’t have enough information about the size of your audience during your application, we will contact you.

The more people see your link, and the more you explain about how AirHelp can help air passengers, the higher the chance of a conversion will be.

What promotion can I do?

You tell us!

We do not enforce any particular route of promotion, but the main thing is the sharing of the trackable affiliate link. As we have a huge balance of information regarding the aviation industry, we can help you with providing some interesting facts and numbers about air travel.

Of course, we don’t wish to find our brand associated within offensive content, so nothing that will cause upset.

We also won’t accept automated traffic. All claims are checked by AI and human agents, so any automatic form filling won’t be paid for, as the claim won’t get accepted.

Are you interested in PPC promotion?

AirHelp has its own in-house Paid-Ads team, working across all of our markets. This team works independently from the Affiliate program.

We can only pay affiliates per accepted claim by AirHelp, and will, under no circumstances, pay per click. However, we do not forbid affiliates from running paid ads towards their pages that feature our link.

Do you also work with Apps?

We know that most passengers wait till they are on their laptops to submit their claim (something about gathering all their documents), but we are happy to partner with Apps as our affiliates!

Please get in touch with [email protected] to discuss how we can work together.

How much commission will I receive?

You will receive an amount taken from our AirHelp usage fee per each accepted claim.

Accepted claim means we have received all documents from the passenger, and we are ready to send the claim dossier to the airline. This is actually before we get paid, but we make it like this so that the affiliate doesn’t have to wait till we win the claim.

We set the amount depending on the market value of the geographic location from where you would potentially be bringing us traffic. For more information, please share your traffic data with [email protected] and we can discuss further on a number.

Alternatively, we also offer the possibility of sharing a percentage of our final commission from the claim after the passenger’s compensation has been given by the airline. This can potentially be higher in cases of long trips or bookings with families, but it has a longer waiting time in case we must go to court.

How can I get more money?

How much money we earn is not a secret, AirHelp takes a commission of 25% per claim won, and up to 50% if we need to go to court, to cover our legal fees. However, not all claims are worth the same.

Under EC 261, the highest possible claim value a person can receive depends on the length of the flight

  • Under 1,500 km: €250.
  • Between 1,500 km and 3,500 km: €400.
  • Over 3,500 km: €600.



The further your audience flies, and the more people travelling together, the higher the claim value will be. As these factors are hard to preview, so after you have joined our program, and we have a good amount of performing data, we’ll be glad to re-negotiate your affiliate fee according to the claim value you have brought.

When do I get paid?

Once per month, AirHelp will automatically generate an invoice with all of the claims coming from your link that were accepted within that month. Our finance team will transfer the money to you via bank account transfer.

Based on Article 44 of the EU VAT Directive, businesses-to-business (B2B) services are taxed in the country of the service’s recipient (AirHelp). With our permanent address being in Hong Kong, the local tax system gives us the right to generate invoices with a 0% VAT.

In case of your national requirements being different, the invoice will act as an official document towards your financial advisor.

How long does AirHelp take to accept a claim?

The Affiliate program is not connected to the customer service, and can’t directly influence the process of the claim approval.

All claims are checked for eligibility by Artificial Intelligence, as well as human agents. Depending on the case, the claim agent might ask the passenger to provide more documents for the claim. Both the passenger speed of response and the claim agent availability play a role in the time it takes for the claim to get accepted.

While a big number of claims referred by our affiliates get approved on the same month that they are made, some of them do not, and thus are billed on the next month. For as long as the claim remains open on our system, the affiliate compensation shall not expire.

Are you also working with affiliate networks?

We manage our own affiliate program in-house, through our own software solution. But, you can also find us on: