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AirHelp Celebrates Turning 6

By Serita Braxton | Last updated on

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Today AirHelp celebrates 6 years of fighting for air passenger rights!  

We’re only 6, but already we have educated millions of passengers, and helped over 13 million of them get compensation for their delayed and canceled flights.

Let’s take a look at our last year in 6 highlights, one for every year since we’ve taken off:

  1. Last year we helped more passengers than ever get compensation, following a terrible year for air travel disruption. We’ve now helped more than 16 million travellers in 188 countries. 
  2. We won the People’s Choice award at the 2018 PhocusWright Conference for our machine learning technology
  3. Related to that: we added a new AI lawyer to our family of robot assistants. Welcome AGA!
  4. Our yearly AirHelp Score revealed Qatar Airways are flying high with great ratings for on-time performance, service quality and claim processing.  Wonder who will top this year’s ranking?
  5. The European Court of Justice confirmed that airlines should be held responsible for airline staff strikes – it’s an argument we’ve been making for years. Thousands more passengers are now entitled to compensation for their disrupted journeys.
  6. We’ve expanded our stellar team to 750 AirHelpers worldwide!

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