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Football fans could be owed up to €600 per passenger for any flight delay, cancellation or overbooking!

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Flight Delay Statistics from Russia

Check out AirHelp’s flight delay statistics from Russia’s 11 host cities. Share the stats with your friends. Don’t let any traveling fan miss out on their share of the millions in compensation owed to air passengers!

Flight statistics from Russia’s 11 host city airports

AirHelp provides ongoing flight delay information directly from the 11 host city airports in Russia between 14.06.18 - 15.07.18.

: 39730

Total flights to/from Russia

: 4573

Total disrupted flights to/from Russia

: 15

No. of flights eligible for compensation


Total compensation owed by airlines

: 2055

No. of passengers eligible for compensation


Average compensation per passenger

Did you know that air passengers miss out on a total of €5 billion in compensation every year? Don’t miss out on your share. Claim cash for flight delays, cancellations or overbookings today!Check Compensation

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