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Russia Football Phrasebook
Help your friends by sharing AirHelp and get €10!

Help your friends by sharing AirHelp and get €10!

Have a friend who experienced a flight disruption in last 3 years? Help them get up to €600 in compensation and earn €10 in the process!

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This summer, millions of soccer fans have been traveling to Russia to watch the World Cup. As supporters are flying out all over the world, the number of packed flights and bustling airports make flight disruptions an inevitable consequence.

That’s why soccer fans flying from the US must know that any flight delay, cancellation or overbooking that occurs on their journey to see the World Cup can mean up to $700 per passenger in compensation, and the same goes for any flight from Russia to the US, if operated by an EU-carrier. Depending on the severity of the disruption, travelers who are left stranded or delayed for longer than three hours have a legal right to compensation.

AirHelp exists to help air passengers, so we’ve created a Russia Live Flight Stats Page dedicated exclusively to flights to and from the cities hosting games. We want to help soccer fans keep track of disruptions while they travel in real time, and begin claiming compensation as soon as they encounter any setbacks at the airport.

Check out the site here!

Our experts at AirHelp are tracking all flights arriving and departing from Russia across all of the 11 football host cities. We don’t want any single traveling fan to miss out on their share of the billions of dollars in compensation owed to air passengers.

AirHelp will be providing ongoing flight delay information directly from all flights to and from Russia between June 14 and July 15, 2018 including:

  • Total flights to/from Russia
  • No. of passengers eligible for compensation*
  • No. of flights eligible for compensation
  • Total compensation owed by airlines
  • Average compensation per passenger
  • Total disrupted flights to/from Russia

*estimation based on flight data

Every year air passengers miss out on a total of $7 billion dollars globally for their travel troubles. Don’t miss out on your share. Claim cash for flight delays, cancellations or overbookings today. We hope you enjoy the summer of football!

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