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Why Should OTAs and TMCs Work with AirHelp?

By The AirHelper | Last updated on

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The travel industry has rapidly changed, and it has been up TMCs, and OTAs to retain a positive relationship with airlines. Many have worked hard over a number of years in order to continue these relationships, and they might be hesitant to consider choosing AirHelp as a partner within the travel industry. However, AirHelp provides much more than just a claims service–it also provides a number of benefits for OTAs and TMCs that might not immediately be apparent.

AirHelp assists the airlines

At first, it might seem counterintuitive that a company involved in providing a claims service can also be helping airlines. The truth is that AirHelp works as an intermediary service–we hope to make the airlines’ customers happy by working with airlines to provide their passengers with compensation for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights. In fact, AirHelp can help airlines to save money because we are a part of the entire claims process with open communication.

AirHelp acts as a buffer to the airline within the claims process by automatically rejecting almost 90 percent of ineligible claims so that they are never sent to the airline for processing. This allows us to speed up the entire claims process. What’s more is that we offer eligible claimants a voucher instead of cash compensation and other incentives, which is a customer retention strategy that keeps the cash in the pockets of the airlines. As a result, we provide a way to assist both the airlines and customers by working with both for a common goal–to make the travel and transportation industry better.

AirHelp assists the travelers

We may help airlines save money, but we also are on the side of the traveler. When a customer’s flight have been overbooked, delayed, and canceled, it can ruin his or her opinion of the airlines. If a customer can receive some sort of benefit from the disrupted flight, he or she is much more likely to walk away with a positive impression. We understand the struggles travelers face on their journeys, which is why we hope to make the claims process easier for passengers and to provide them the help they need in order to receive the compensation that is owed.

AirHelp is a leader within the industry

We’re all for thinking ahead, as we know many OTAs and TMCs are, as well. We have taken the time to know travelers by creating AirHelp Score, our service which ranks the airlines by their punctuality, quality and service, and their responsiveness to customers’ claims. We believe that airlines and customer can work together, and we’re are happy to serve both in order to create a better experience for all. Along with AirHelp Score, we’ve also been working hard to develop partnerships with a number of OTAs and TMCs in order to spread our mission–which is why we hope to work with you.

So why should OTAs and TMCs work with AirHelp?

There are many reasons. We have created a network that appeals to both customers and airlines, allowing OTAs and TMCs to reach both. We offer an opportunity for OTAs and TMCs to connect with the airlines as a business and the customers as travelers and individuals. This can create stronger partnerships with both, and can encourage future growth. By working with AirHelp, everyone wins.