5 Ways To Use the AirHelp Score to Spot the Best Airlines in the Business

By The AirHelper・Last updated on April 10, 2017

Let’s be honest, oftentimes choosing the best airlines is a game of who’s the least worst of all the options when booking a flight. It’s hard to know which airline will get you to where you need to go in a timely, undisrupted manner.

Airlines jam pack their flight schedules and planes, which leaves passengers scratching their heads to decipher confusing schedules caused by delays and cancellations. It’s never been more difficult to tell which are the best airlines to book for your flight home to see your family. We’ve taken out some of the guesswork and boiled it down to five ways you can spot the best airlines that are most likely to serve you, courtesy of the AirHelp Score.

1. The best airlines have a solid safety record

Of course, mechanical problems are bound to happen with any airline at some point or another. All machines require regular maintenance and check-ups, but if an airline is consistently holding up travelers because of problems with the engine or a broken flap, this can be cause for concern. Take a look at any airline’s past safety records and check AirHelp Score’s On-Time Record that can help you decide if this airline is the one for you or if there’s a better alternative option for your vacation to Greece.

2. Their online booking process is simple and easy

Organized airlines usually have a comprehensive online booking management process that allows you to check the best prices and times available for all passengers. It should have an easy search function that allows you to whether or not your flight has been canceled, delayed, or overbooked. Quality airlines also have apps that available on your phone so you can book anywhere and at any time.

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3. The top airlines have friendly staff

Quality and service both in the air and on the ground are two key factors that make for the best airlines, especially as it relates to the AirHelp Score. A friendly staff is a good indication as to whether or not an airline will offer you superior service throughout your time traveling with them.  

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The staff is literally the face of the airline, and those who care about their customers take the time necessary to train and educate staff on proper customer service techniques. The customer (you) should be seen as a valuable part of their mission as a company. A customer-focused airline will also have several perks for passengers, including free Wi-Fi and a lounge, at the very least.

4. They have an easily navigable website

Airlines that are upfront with customers about their services and updates to flight details have their information easily accessible on their website tend to rank higher with the AirHelp Score. They might not always be fully-transparent, but those who are willing to help their passengers were more likely to rank higher than the competition–especially if information is delivered in a seamless and timely manner. Likewise, it should be easy to book a flight or to contact the airlines if necessary from their webpage.

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5. They continually update their aircraft

Outdated aircrafts not only tend to have a higher frequency of technical issues, but they also can be uncomfortable for passengers (can you say legroom)? The more outdated the plane, the more you’re likely to find yourself sitting on the tarmac as technicians find a solution to any number of issues from a broken loudspeaker to a faulty coffeepot. Airlines with quality services are always looking for a way to improve their aircrafts, whether that means making some major renovations or investing in new planes. Like any good company, an airline is only as good as its equipment.

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