Here’s the Problem With Flight Delay Vouchers

Here’s the Problem With Flight Delay Vouchers

By The AirHelper・Last updated on April 7, 2017

Flight delay vouchers are not what they seem.

Sometimes, an airline’s at fault for a delay and sometimes it’s not. But what should matter to you as a customer is how the they respond to that delay.

You hear all sorts of compensation stories. Free pizza, for example. Not many people say ‘no’ to free pizza.

Would you?

Airline Delay Vouchers: A False Friend?

The regulations clearly state that compensation should be paid in cash, electronic transfer or checks, unless the passenger chooses to accept travel vouchers instead.

The problem is that some people really like pizza.

So it’s easy to see how even experienced air travelers, tired and frustrated that their journey has been interrupted, welcome the offer of a warm, free meal.

Pizza’s tasty. It’s comforting. It’s a human touch. But it’s also a gimmick.

Be careful – blindly accepting flight delay vouchers could cost you money.

Don’t Worry, The Solution Is Easy

Essentially, it’s your choice as to whether to accept the vouchers or not. The data says that most people do.

However, you must remember that it’s worth finding out what you might be entitled to if you refuse the airline’s offer and insist on cash instead.

Most people don’t know their rights on what compensation they’re owed. We estimate that even though 8 million people around the world are eligible for compensation, less than 2% will ever get the money they’re entitled to.

If your flight was canceled or delayed for more than three hours, the airline is legally required to compensate you.

Here are the circumstances in which you’re entitled to cash compensation:

  • The airline is European or the flight is departing from inside the EU
  • You were not given 14 days advanced notice of the cancellation before the flight’s scheduled departure
  • The airline is responsible for the delay (you will not be compensated if the delay or cancellation is due to weather).

The amount of compensation depends on the length of your delay. To help you understand exactly what you’re entitled to, check out the AirHelp Compensation Chart on this page.

As the saying goes, ‘There’s no such thing as a free meal.’

Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. You may be entitled to as much as $680 in compensation if your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last three years.

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