Reimbursement and Compensation: Air France

    Reimbursement and Compensation: Air France

    No-one wants to hear that their flight has been delayed, or even worse, cancelled. But if it has happened to you, we may be able to help you claim up to £520 per person (€600 in the EU) in either Air France delay compensation or Air France cancellation compensation. We'll calculate how much you're eligible for under air passenger rights laws, and we make claiming it simple.

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    Air France Cancelled Flight Compensation

    If you've heard your journey will be affected by Air France flight cancellations it pays to know about the UK's and the EU's air passenger rights.

    In an effort to discourage airlines from cancelling flights at the last minute, Europe introduced a set of clear air passenger rights known as EC 261, and the UK introduced a similar law sometimes known as UK 261, during their exit from the European Union. The sections on flight cancellation say that if an airline like Air France cancels a flight less than 14 days before it was due to depart, they must pay out up to £520 in compensation to each affected passenger.

    Because the laws focus on avoiding disruption to passengers, there is no Air France flight cancellation compensation owed if you're offered a replacement flight that arrives at a very similar time to the original.

    Air France also won't have to pay compensation if there were extraordinary circumstances which made the cancellation necessary. For example, airlines are sometimes left no choice but to cancel flights due to an incident at the airport, or bad weather. Because the airline isn't responsible for the problem, they don't have to pay compensation. Although they must still offer passengers a replacement flight or full refund.

    Delayed or cancelled flight with Air France? Find out if you're owed up to £520 in compensation

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    Air France Flight Delay Compensation

    UK and European air passenger laws also help travellers when their flights have been delayed. If your flight landed at your final destination over 3 hours late you should check whether you are owed up to £520 per person in compensation.

    It's worth checking what caused the Air France flight delays — airlines are required to pay compensation whenever they are responsible for the delay. But if the delay was caused by an unavoidable situation which was out of their control, no compensation is owed.

    If, for example, the delay is due to a technical issue, or operational problem, all delayed passengers are eligible for Air France flight delay compensation. But if there's an incident at the airport, a strike by air traffic control staff, or bad weather en route there's no compensation available.

    AirHelp is here to make flight delay compensation Air France claims as straightforward as possible. Our compensation check tool will confirm what you're owed. On top of that, we have one of the world's biggest databases of flight stats to back up your claim. Another thing to note, is that you can usually claim for flights from as far back as 3 years ago as well.

    Claim up to £520 in compensation if your flight has been delayed, cancelled, or overbooked within the last 3 years.

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    What do Air Passenger Rights Say?

    As Air France has its headquarters in Europe, its passengers are offered a great deal of protection by EC 261, as well as by UK 261, some of the world's most comprehensive air passenger rights.

    All Air France flights that depart from or land at EU airports are covered by EC 261. That means passengers can expect care in the event that their flight is delayed, cancelled, or overbooked. And in some situations, they're owed compensation too.

    Passengers are also entitled to claim for past flights — often you can still claim for flights that were affected in the past 3 years.

    Which Air France Flights are Covered by EC 261?

    Covered by EC 261
    Flights departing EU airports ✔️ Yes
    Flights arriving at EU airports ✔️ Yes

    How Much Air France Flight Compensation?

    All flights under 1,500 kmUp to €250 per person
    Internal EU flights over 1,500 kmUp to €400 per person
    Non-internal EU flights between 1,500 - 3,500 kmUp to €400 per person
    Non-internal EU flights over 3,500 kmUp to €600 per person

    Table shows values in € as specified in EC 261

    As you might expect with any law, there are exceptions and special circumstances that can affect how much compensation is owed in every individual case. AirHelp makes it simple to check what you’re owed with our free compensation calculator.

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