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Did you have a delayed or cancelled flight?

Get up to £520 per passenger for flights from the last 3 years. No matter the ticket price.

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      We solve more flight problems

      As the world’s largest flight compensation company, we work across more countries, and can help in more situations than anyone else.

      Delayed and cancelled flights

      Didn’t get to your destination on time? Our specialists work for you, to get you up to £520 in compensation.

      Luggage issues

      Bags missing or delayed? Or were they damaged by the airline? We’ll help you claim up to £1,200.

      Unexpected expenses

      Additionally, we can get you up to £5,300 back for money you lost due to disruption. E.g. hotels, meals, and more.

      Uncooperative airlines

      Even if your issue isn't covered by law, we work with airlines to get you a goodwill payment such as a voucher or refund.

      We can also help you on your future flights

      Become a member to get additional live chat support, airport lounge access, remote doctors, and more, whenever your flights are delayed or cancelled.

      Trustpilot 4.6/5 based on 107,246 reviews

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      17 hours ago

      It was a great experience to work with airhelp to solve our problem. They are extremely helpful!


      a day ago

      It was perfect for me! I receive money and I'm happy, thanks for all ! I recommend air help!

      Cristian Suvei

      a day ago

      Thank you very much! Very fast.

      Ovidiu Florin Ilitoiu

      a day ago

      Top top they are the best

      Caluser Mihai-vasile

      a day ago

      My case was dealt with as promised. Great communication and update through the process.

      Patricia Gloria Toah

      2 days ago

      Amazing service. Quick, very easy and clear through all steps. Got the money I wouldn't get if I did this by myself.

      Yarden Calamaro

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      Claim up to £520 for your delayed or cancelled flight.

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