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      Trustpilot 4.6/5 based on 103,253 reviews

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      3 hours ago

      They did an excellent job in getting me compensated for a late arrival and missed connection flight


      4 hours ago

      So easy to use Airhelp. I got my payment very fast once the airline approved the refund.

      Ruud K

      4 hours ago

      Great service! I didn’t have to do anything other than provide my case and they chased the airline on my behalf. When a decision was made, funds were transferred to my account.

      Luciene Alves

      5 hours ago

      Thank you so much for recovering money for my disrupted travel! To be honest I though it was impossible. I was flying from Brazil by Brazilian airline 2 years ago and AirHelp still managed to win my case. Whoop-whoop!

      Julia Flit

      5 hours ago

      Amazing service!....every time I thought of emailing to ask for an update, I automatically receive one before I have to ask for you were reading my mind. Then the process was managed really well!

      Eli Sena

      10 hours ago

      During the initial process we felt skeptical. However AirHelp communicated consistently, thoroughly, and was extremely helpful with the process. Once Covid paused travel, created several types of restrictions, and made things uncertain AirHelp continued their commitment to service, expertise, and professionalism. They did not waver with there attention to detail, communication, and service. In early 2021, once things began to open up and travel services increased AirHelp was quick to get our case resolved. In fact, they finalized the settlement within a month. I highly recommend AirHelp! They demonstrated, excellent customer service, legal expertise, professionalism, and work integrity.

      Sara I Lopez

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      Claim up to £510 for your delayed or cancelled flight.

      All airlines

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