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Did you have a delayed or cancelled flight?

Get up to £520 per passenger for flights from the last 3 years. No matter the ticket price.

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      Why choose AirHelp?

      Claim by yourself

      • Stressful

        You have to complete the whole process by yourself, including negotiations with the airline.

      • Lots of paperwork

        Knowing what forms are required and where to send them can get complicated.

      • Time consuming

        It can take months of back and forth, and hours on hold to airline call centres, to get compensation.

      • Risky

        If your claim goes to court, you’ll have to shoulder the legal fees yourself, whether you win or lose.

      • Unresponsive airlines

        You might be left in the dark by the airline, with little to no updates on the status of your claim.

      Use AirHelp

      • Easy and hassle-free

        We handle your entire claim, from kick off to compensation.

      • We take care of it

        We guide you through the essential documents, and submit them for you.

      • Save time

        You simply submit your documents with us online — we’ll take it from there.

      • No win, no fee

        We handle all legal fees, and we’ll only charge our fee when you get paid.

      • Regular updates

        You can count on us to give you regular updates and answer any questions you have.

      Check Compensation

      We solve more flight problems

      As the world’s largest flight compensation company, we work across more countries, and can help in more situations than anyone else.

      Cancelled flights

      Flight cancelled with little notice? You could be entitled to up to £520 compensation on top of your refund.

      Flight delays

      If you were delayed over 3 hours, see if our specialists can get you up to £520 in compensation.

      Missed connections

      Claim compensation if you landed at your final destination over 3 hours late through no fault of your own.

      Uncooperative airlines

      Airline ignoring or rejecting your claim? We independently check claim validity and hold airlines to account.

      We’re the world’s largest air passenger rights organisation, here to help passengers since 2013.

      16 M+

      We’ve helped over 16 million passengers since we were founded.


      Our network of law firms spans over 35 countries and jurisdictions.


      Dedicated support from our team of over 200 claim agents.


      We can help in 17 languages.

      We can also help you on your future flights

      Become a member to easily claim compensation, get live chat support, access airport lounges, and more, whenever your flights are delayed or cancelled.

      Trustpilot 4.6/5 based on 115,688 reviews

      Join 16 million air passengers we’ve helped

      9 hours ago

      Airhelp is one of the best company’s in assisting and representing their customers . I totally recommend. From the moment that I asked them to help me they took over the whole process and I get my claim shortly from the air company without any concern .

      Angeliki Tserga

      10 hours ago

      I got the refund within the timeframe promised. Thank you.

      Zbigniew-Krishna Pawlikowski

      12 hours ago

      Extremely simple All I had to do was to provide some documents and AirHelp did the rest. Granted the fee is quite high with 33% but I am not sure if I would have ever gotten anything from the airline in my own.

      Christian Reinhard

      13 hours ago

      Amazing, took a little of time to get the inquiry processed but I got my money back immediately. I will suggest this to other friends and family


      13 hours ago

      Super 🙏🙏❤️

      Lacramioara Bardahan

      14 hours ago

      Very helpful and professional!

      Ulf Andersson

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