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      Delayed and cancelled flights

      Didn’t get to your destination on time? Our specialists work for you, to get you up to £510 in compensation.

      Delayed and cancelled flights

      Didn’t get to your destination on time? Our specialists work for you, to get you up to £510 in compensation.

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      Trustpilot 4.6/5 based on 104,120 reviews

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      2 hours ago

      I didn’t even know that a company like AirHelp existed until my family experienced a last minute flight cancellation in our way to Europe that disrupted our first part of our trip. Since we booked through Expedia, I received an email about Air Help and it’s services. I thought what the heck - I certainly don’t have anything to lose. Of course, the full pandemic hit 2 months later, so my claim was on hold for quite awhile - but then it was activated and to my surprise it was an easy process and we received a settlement of almost $2,000. This is money I would have never had and we are planning our next trip - I highly recommend this service!!!!!

      Cathy C

      7 hours ago

      The process can take time, however, if you are patient Airhelp will deliver on what they promise


      9 hours ago

      Excellent service

      Bilal Moussawi

      10 hours ago

      Air Help did all the work in making a pre-pandemic claim after I submitted the essential docs. The airline in question kept stalling and I was even prepared to drop the claim during the Covid lockdown. I thought that many airlines were going to go bust anyway and wouldn't even be able to pay up. But Air Help persisted and got the maximum claim possible. It took a long time due to the pandemic and I even forgot about my grievances long ago, so I was pleasantly surprised recently when Air Help informed me that the claim was successful. The compensation (minus fees) was transferred in my bank account immediately. I do know how much work can be involved in making claims and many of us don't have the time and energy to deal with it, so airlines can get away with "murder". Air Help earned every bit of their fee. One final point: It really takes something egregious for me to complain and I'm very forgiving of circumstances outside the airline's control, but when significant delays and cancellations are clearly the airline's fault and the ground staff handles the problem badly, passengers should exercise their rights.

      Diana Ach

      a day ago

      I have used their services twice now and both times I've been very satisfied. It's professional straightforward and uncomplicated. I can highly recommend their services. Will definitely use them again if the need arises.


      a day ago

      AirHelp did a really good job helping me get a compensation for my delayed flight from Frankfurt to Rejkjavik.Got the money in a short period of time.Excellent service 👌


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      Claim up to £510 for your delayed or cancelled flight.

      All airlines

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