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Easy insurance for quick payouts when things don’t go to plan.


€150 for each bag that’s lost or delayed

Receive a fast €150 payout for each checked-in bag that gets lost or delayed on your trip, no proof of contents needed.

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€100 when your flight's disrupted

Get a payout days after your flight’s cancelled, delayed over 3 hours, or diverted — on top of any compensation you’re entitled to.

Claim airline compensation the easy way, all year round.

We endeavour to get you the money you’re entitled to from airlines. That includes compensation for delayed or cancelled flights, money for lost or damaged luggage, and reimbursement for expenses.

  • Up to £520 compensation for flight disruptions

    Purchase a one-off annual subscription and you get to keep 100% of the compensation we win for you, every time.

  • Up to £1,200 for luggage problems

    If you're eligible, we’ll help you reclaim up to £1,200 for checked-in luggage that gets delayed, damaged, or lost.

  • Up to £5,300 for extra expenses

    When disruption incurs costs — such as hotels, meals, or transport — we'll help you get your money back when you've spent more than €200 and up to £5,300.

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Advice from the experts

It's hard to know what’s going on when your flight gets canceled or delayed. AirHelp Plus tracks your flights, tells you when there’s a disruption and when you’re eligible for compensation. We’re also on hand to give you advice when you need it, before, during and after a disruption.

Available with AirHelp Plus COMPLETE

Lounge access during delays

Complete members get to wait in the comfort of one of over 1,100 airport lounges around the world when they experience delays of more than 1 hour or a cancellation 6 hours before takeoff.

How it works

Join AirHelp Plus

And then relax. You’ve got future flights covered with an all-year-round membership.

Add your flights

Add your upcoming flight details and we’ll notify you about delays — and if they qualify for compensation.

Sit back and relax

Track flights, start claims, get your payouts, and chat with us easily using your personalised dashboard.



per passenger, billed annually

  • We get you the money you’re entitled to from the airline:

    • - Up to £520 for compensation

    • - Up to £5,300 for extra expenses

    • - Up to £1,200 for luggage issues

  • No hidden fees

  • 24/7 support from our experts

  • AirPayout insurance for 3 trips

  • 10% off your eSIM card

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effectively £1.83 per month!



was £56.99

per passenger, billed annually

  • All AirHelp Plus Essential benefits

  • Airport lounge access during a disruption

  • AirPayout insurance for 7 trips

  • AirLuggage insurance for 7 trips

  • 20% off your eSIM card

Choose Complete

effectively £3.75 per month!

No matter where you’re flying. No matter the ticket price or airline.

Trustpilot 4.6/5 based on 174,486 reviews

We've helped 2.2 million people get paid compensation

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Smooth process without any road blocks along the way. Money was received within weeks. Very very positive experience. Would 100 percent recommend and use again.

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Hurray! Yes the money has arrived thanks to your intervention! I am elated and relieved that I can say "Mission Impossible" has been made into a " Mission Possible" thanks to your efficiency. I definitely can recommend AirHelp to my friends. Thank you again Zakia Bernhard

Zakia Bernhard

Everything was resolved very quickly. Straight to the point, no extra hassle.

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AirHelp the trust

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Over 7 million flights are disrupted worldwide every year.



Thousands of people suffer severe flight delays or cancellations every day.



Most air passengers don’t know their rights.

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