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    What is AirHelp Plus?

    AirHelp Plus is a prepaid service from AirHelp that gives customers full access to AirHelp’s expertise, should a flight disruption occur.

    There are two levels of AirHelp Plus coverage.


    • All usual AirHelp fees are waived for AirHelp Plus customers.

    • Dedicated live chat service offering passengers advice and assistance.

    • Professional flight claim services: includes claims for delay and cancellation compensation, extra expenses, and luggage issues.


    • Includes all of the above.

    • Airport lounge access when flights are canceled at the last minute or delayed.

    What are the benefits of purchasing AirHelp Plus?

    AirHelp Plus provides you with access to all AirHelp services, such as confirming eligibility for compensation and claiming compensation for delayed, canceled, and overbooked flights.

    AirHelp Plus customers also have access to the following additional services:

    • Claiming compensation for damaged or lost luggage.

    • Claiming compensation for any additional expenses incurred due to a flight disruption.

    • Live chat support before, during, or after a flight disruption.

    • Airport lounge access when flights are canceled at the last minute or delayed (with AirHelp Plus Complete).

    We will process all claims for AirHelp Plus users free of charge, in line with our terms and conditions.

    How can I buy AirHelp Plus?

    There are two ways to purchase AirHelp Plus:

    Annual cover: This covers a period of 12 months, and applies to any flight disruptions you may experience starting from the date of purchase. During this time, you are given access to all AirHelp claiming services.

    You can buy an AirHelp Plus Annual Membership online here.

    The AirHelp Plus Annual cover will also be offered to you if you have already put forward a successful claim with us, giving you easy access to our services for the coming year. If you do choose to purchase AirHelp Plus, the price will simply be deducted from your compensation amount.

    After purchasing the Annual Membership, we will process any claims you submit for disruptions encountered during the 12 month period free of charge.

    Per-booking plan: Our per-booking plan gives you access to all AirHelp claiming services covering a specific booking for which you purchased AirHelp Plus. After purchasing AirHelp Plus, we will process any claims on the specific booking free of charge.

    After purchasing the Per-Booking Plan, we will process any claims you submit for the specific booking free of charge.

    What currency can I purchase AirHelp Plus in?

    You will pay for AirHelp Plus in Euros. If your bank account is in a different currency, your bank will apply the exchange rate for the purchase.

    How do I submit a claim with AirHelp Plus?

    Simply log into the AirHelp Plus area and follow the prompts to start a claim. Your claim will automatically be processed without any fees.

    Does AirHelp Plus cover my past flights or current claims?

    AirHelp Plus applies to your future flight disruptions, after the date of purchase. If your flight has already been disrupted, or you have already started a claim, AirHelp Plus will not apply. Instead, you will be charged our standard fees should we successfully obtain compensation on your behalf.

    There is one exception: if we assess your previous flight as a good candidate for a Goodwill Claim (that’s a claim which isn’t covered by the law, but where the airline may offer a voucher as a gesture of goodwill). In this case, you may purchase an annual AirHelp Plus membership, which will apply to your future flights, as well as a Goodwill Claim for that specific previous flight.

    What’s included with AirHelp Plus Complete?

    AirHelp Plus Complete provides customers with even more services to help if you run into issues with flights or travel.

    Customers have access to all AirHelp Plus Essential services, including:

    • Confirming eligibility for compensation and claiming compensation for your disrupted and overbooked flights.

    • Claiming compensation for damaged or lost luggage.

    • Claiming compensation for any additional expenses incurred due to a flight disruption (hotel bookings, flights, etc.)

    • Dedicated live chat with air passenger experts.

    Additionally, you’ll have access to airport lounges when your flights are delayed by an hour or more, including the use of the lounge’s standard facilities.

    How do I activate my AirHelp Plus membership?

    If you purchased AirHelp Plus on a per-trip basis for a specific flight, you do not need to do anything to activate the service.

    If you purchased an annual AirHelp Plus your membership is active immediately after purchase and lasts for the next 12 months, with annual renewals. To receive benefits such as flight status updates and lounge access you must add your flight details into the dashboard before departure. 

    How do I cancel my AirHelp Plus membership?

    AirHelp Plus covers a minimum period of 12 months. You can cancel at any point during the year, and AirHelp Plus will not renew when your current 12-month period ends.

    To cancel from the AirHelp Plus area, choose “Manage Membership”, then select “Cancel Membership”. You can also cancel your membership by emailing [email protected].

    Cancellations within the first 14 days.

    If you change your mind about joining AirHelp Plus, you can cancel within the first 14 days for a full refund. Just send an email to [email protected]. Please note that we cannot refund AirHelp Plus if you already traveled on flights covered by AirHelp Plus within those 14 days.

    When will I be charged for AirHelp Plus?

    You will be charged the full amount when you buy AirHelp Plus, and the service will cover all your flights for the next 12 months with no additional fees.

    AirHelp Plus renews automatically, so you will next be charged in a year’s time. However, you can cancel at any point during the year, and AirHelp Plus will not renew when your 12-month period ends.

    When does AirHelp Plus renew?

    AirHelp Plus renews automatically each year, unless you cancel your subscription.
    In most cases, payment will be taken 12 months from the date of purchase, so that your membership continues uninterrupted.

    If you bought AirHelp Plus as part of our “buy now, activate later” offer, your membership will renew each year, 12 months after the departure date of your first flight.

    Is AirHelp Plus available in my country?

    Yes, AirHelp Plus is available worldwide and supports all air passengers no matter where they are flying, or where they call home.

    We make use of a wide range of international air passenger rights laws including Europe’s Regulation EC 261, the Montreal Convention, and ANAC 400 in Brazil, to ensure we offer all travelers the support and compensation assistance they deserve.

    I have AirHelp Plus, but your website rejected my claim - what should I do?

    AirHelp Plus members have a dedicated area for claims. Please log into the AirHelp Plus area and follow prompts to start a claim.

    If you need any further assistance, you can always contact our customer support via the Live Chat feature.

    I have AirHelp Plus but my flight isn’t eligible for compensation - what should I do?

    AirHelp Plus gives you access to our flight claim services free of charge, but whether you are entitled to compensation is dependent on the circumstances of your particular disruption and the applicable international and local laws.

    Ensure that you submit your claim via the AirHelp Plus area, so that we can consider all relevant air passenger laws to try to get you the compensation you deserve.

    Remember that even if your flight isn’t eligible for monetary compensation, you still have access to our other services, such as advice and expertise via Live Chat.

    How can I get the money I was promised by the travel agency when I purchased the insurance?

    Please note that AirHelp Plus is not a travel insurance plan. AirHelp Plus provides you with complimentary access to advice, and our flight claim services in the case of flight disruption.

    If you have purchased AirHelp Plus and your flight was disrupted (e.g. delayed or canceled) you may be entitled to money. Please log into the AirHelp Plus area and follow prompts to start a claim.

    Can AirHelp apply for a ticket refund on my behalf?

    To obtain a refund for a flight ticket, we recommend you first talk directly to your travel agent or try to claim back the ticket price through your credit card. In our experience that is the fastest way to receive a flight refund.

    If you have tried these options already with no success, we can offer AirHelp Plus members assistance with ticket refunds. We can submit a request for a refund directly with the airline on your behalf, but response times from the airline are longer.

    How does AirHelp Plus Complete lounge access work?

    When you purchase the Complete plan from AirHelp Plus you are entitled to airport lounge access whenever your flights are delayed over 1 hour.

    In order to use this benefit, you must have added your flight details in your dedicated AirHelp Plus dashboard. You’ll have access to this area after you purchase AirHelp Plus.

    If your flight is identified as delayed over an hour, you will receive a voucher for free airport lounge access.

    Access is subject to lounge availability and opening hours at each airport. If no lounge is available, no alternative will be offered. You can check lounge availability here.

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