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The Flying Master of Air Miles, Gilbert Ott

By The AirHelper | Last updated on

gilbert ott god save the points

Gilbert Ott likes the finer things in life.

He’s also obsessed with making your air travel experience better.

He’s the founder of God Save the Points, the top blog that covers savvy travel tips, using credit card points and airline miles, deal hunting for flights and hotels, airline issues, loyalty programs and general travel enjoyment.

A few years ago, Gilbert and his girlfriend, tennis pro Laura Burns (now wife), were living on different continents, so started investigating the cheapest ways to see each other as much as possible.

Beauty and the beast… Thanks for a fun day @etihad! #avgeek #airbus #a380 #plane #engine #etihad #flyingreimagined

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Fast forward to today and Gilbert’s Instagram feed scrolls like a Rolodex of first-class lounges, mouth-watering meals and exotic locations. His tips for ‘Elevating Your Travel’ have been featured on CNN, ABC News, The Daily Mail and Good Morning America.

Two of his most popular recent posts are  How to Fly Emirates A380 Business Class between US & Europe for 65,000 Miles and An Open Letter to British Airways Chairman & CEO Alex Cruz, the King of Cost Cutting.

Gilbert stopped by our New York office to talk points hacking, must-have travel apps and his overall best travel tips with Social Media Manager Tiffany Gomez and Global PR Manager, Cecilia Minges.

Gilbert Ott’s Top Travel Tips

They cover a lot of valuable stuff in this short talk, including:

  • Which loyalty cards are in Gilbert’s wallet right now? [6:51]
  • How having a premium card can actually save you money [7:30]
  • What are the very best airlines Gilbert has flown with? [9.20]
  • How the economy affects loyalty deals. [11:00]
  • The cool new technologies airlines are working on. [11:35]
  • Which US airline gets Gilbert’s pick? [13:05]
  • Gilbert’s best ever travel experience. [15:07]
  • What are Gilbert’s favorite travel apps? [17:16]
  • The key metric (and strategy) to think about when evaluating your points. [21:00]


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Tweet: “Keep traveling. It’s such a fun thing to do, it's a privilege.” @godsavethepoint ‏

“Keep traveling. It’s such a fun thing to do, it’s a privilege.”
@godsavethepoint ‏

Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. You may be entitled to as much as $680 in compensation if your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last three years.