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Flight Compensation for Amsterdam Airport Delays

Not many passengers are aware, but you could be entitled to compensation when your flight is canceled or affected by Amsterdam Airport delays. If your airline was responsible for the delay, then under EU law they should pay passengers as much as USUS$700 (€600) in compensation.

Not sure if your flight meets the criteria? Use our compensation check tool to find out, and to start your claim.

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About Air Passenger Rights at Amsterdam Airport

Most air travelers using Amsterdam Airport (AMS) are protected by European air passenger rights law (EU Regulation No. 261/2004). That's because under EC 261 it doesn't matter where you're from, you just need to have departed from an EU airport, or to have flown into one on an EU airline. The regulation also covers the EEA and 'outermost regions', like the Azores, Canary Islands, and Guadalupe.

That means that if your airline was responsible for the delays at Amsterdam Airport, you're owed a payout of up to US$700 per person.

The law applies to previous delayed and canceled flights too - typically you can claim for flights from up to 3 years ago.

Are you Protected by EC 261?

Route EU Airline Non-EU Airline
Departures from Amsterdam Airport ✔️ Yes ✔️ Yes
Arrivals at Amsterdam Airport ✔️ Yes ❌ No
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