Our Brazilian Fees


  1. Our Brazilian Fees is our complete list of prices that detail how AirHelp will charge you in consideration for providing you with our Services under Brazilian law. Please read them carefully.

  2. We recommend that you do not engage with AirHelp for any of our Services until you have read and understood the Brazilian Terms, the Privacy Statement and Our Brazilian Fees. If you have any questions, doubts or concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or check out our FAQs

  3. Please note that should your Claim relate to a flight with a final destination or originating outside Brazil, your use of the Services may be governed by the standard Terms and our standard Fees may apply.


Our Brazilian Fees should be read in conjunction with our Brazilian Terms, where you will find all the defined terms used in Our Brazilian Fees.


AirHelp will not charge you any fee for the Eligibility Service, Information Service, or where the Compensation Service does not result in you receiving Flight Compensation.


  1. The Compensation Service is where AirHelp helps you obtain Flight Compensation from the Airline. AirHelp’s model is a no-win, no-fee model. This means that when we’re providing the Compensation Service, AirHelp only charges you when we have obtained Flight Compensation for you from the Airline.

  2. The Service fee is deducted from the total amount of Flight Compensation AirHelp is able to obtain from the Airline. 

  3. AirHelp+ Members do not pay the Service Fee for the Compensation Service. AirHelp+ Members pay a Membership Fee, as detailed in our standard Fees.

  4. Service Fee

    For each Claim where Flight Compensation is successfully obtained, the Service Fee is 35% of the total Flight Compensation, including applicable taxes, regardless of whether Flight Compensation has been obtained in the Negotiation Phase or whether a Legal Action has been undertaken by an external Lawyer. 

  5. Legal Expenses

    Pursuing your Claim through Legal Action often requires the payment of Legal Expenses. When this occurs, AirHelp will pay the Legal Expenses and court fees on your behalf. If Flight Compensation is obtained through Legal Action, AirHelp will request that the court require the Airline to reimburse Legal Expenses and court fees. If the court awards Legal Expenses and/or court fees, AirHelp shall be entitled to keep those amounts. Alternatively, where Legal Action is not successful, the court may award Legal Expenses to the Airline. If this occurs, AirHelp will pay the Airline’s Legal Expenses.

    AirHelp will not charge you Legal Expenses or court fees, except as described in the Withdrawal and Termination sections of the Brazilian Terms, where AirHelp reserves the right to charge you for Legal Expenses only where you have Withdrawn from the Compensation Service after an external Lawyer engaged by AirHelp has already commenced Legal Action, or where you have breached the Terms.  


Your use of the AirHelp Services is always subject to the Brazilian Terms, but if you have entered into an agreement with a travel agency, travel management company, or other entity that entitles you to different payment terms, or where that entity will make payment to AirHelp on your behalf, then the fee structure, payout options, currency conversion, and Services included may be different depending on those terms. However, in no event will the Service Fee that applies to you exceed the Service Fee described above.


  1. AirHelp will always pay you the full amount that was received for Flight Compensation for your Claim, minus Our Brazilian Fees (“Your Full Amount”). 

  2. If the Compensation Service is made under Brazilian Air Passenger Rights Regulations, AirHelp will pay you Your Full Amount in Reais (R$).

  3. In the event that the Airline pays Flight Compensation in a currency other than as specified above, the amount will be converted by the payment provider using their exchange rates provided by them or the financial institutions they work with. AirHelp will not charge you any additional banking commissions or charges.

  4. The final amount will vary depending on the date when the Airline made the payment.


  1. AirHelp offers international bank transfers via an AirHelp Third Party free of any additional charges. However, AirHelp will not cover any additional fees or costs charged to you by other payment intermediaries or beneficiary banks. Your bank may charge a currency exchange fee. 

  2. In most cases, the Flight Compensation will be transferred to you in Reais (R$). Therefore, you may receive a different amount in your bank account on receipt of Your Full Amount if the amount had to be exchanged into a different currency by your bank or other intermediary. AirHelp has no ability to control the currency exchange rates or determine how or when the amounts are converted into a different currency during transit or upon receipt.

8. Taxes 

All fees and charges stated in Our Brazilian Fees include applicable taxes, unless otherwise specified.

The Brazilian Portuguese version of Our Brazilian Fees shall prevail in case of inconsistency to any other language version.

Updated: 5th February 2024
Version: BF1.24

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