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      Trustpilot 4.7/5 based on 102,189 reviews

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      5 hours ago

      Thank you Airhelp for helping me getting my compensation. You are amazon . Thanks

      Amjed Ali Mohamed Ali

      5 hours ago

      It's true, it took a loooong wait (5 or more months), but eventually, I've got 600€ that I wasn't hoping to get :) Do it! Don't hesitate! You just fill up some information form, and they do the job. Highly recommended A+

      Pierpaolo Spagnolo

      6 hours ago

      Thanks to AirHelp we received a generous compensation for a delayed flight from Paris to Baku! It takes some time but the wait is very much worth it.


      8 hours ago

      The end result was good but it did take 2.5 years to get it sorted.

      Sander Peeters

      8 hours ago

      Everything was handled professionally and without fault. I would highly recommend this service

      Miss A

      4 days ago

      I had zero expectations and at first thought this was a scam, offering €€€€ compensation for a delayed (cancelled) flight nearly 2 years ago. So I just had to trust that it was legitimate and they came through with promised figure. Although I was somewhat taken back by Airhelp's cut (~30%), they were completely up front about it. In terms of trust, I would recommend them to anyone I know to do what they say they're doing ... a satisfied customer

      A Corcoran

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      Claim up to €600 for your delayed or canceled flight.

      All airlines

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