How do AirHelp’s fees work?

AirHelp offers 2 affordable fee models:

No Win, No Fee, where our fee is based on the compensation we get for you, or a low-cost annual membership: AirHelp Plus.

  • No Win, No Fee

    You receive: Up to 65%


    • Fee based on the amount of compensation we win you

    • Standard Fee: (corresponds to) 35%

    • Legal Action Fee: (corresponds to) +15%

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  • AirHelp Plus

    You receive: 100%


    • From US$19.99 per year

    • Receive all AirHelp services for free

    • Claim as many times as you need

    • Must be purchased before flight disruption

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  • Please note, if your claim falls under Brazilian laws you should refer to our Brazilian Price List


Imagine AirHelp wins you €600 compensation

No Win, No Fee


You receive


Our fee



Legal Action*

You receive


Our fee


* Standard +15%


AirHelp Plus

In all cases

You receive


Our fee



Standard and Legal Action Fees explained

What is included in the standard fee?

Our Standard Fee covers everything involved with getting your compensation in a standard claim.

Our team of 350+ AirHelpers are available to handle every element of your claim, from validating your documents and confirming details against weather and flight reports to putting together a case and negotiating with airlines.

We'll keep you updated every step of the way, and we're also available 24/7 in case you have questions.

What is included in the Legal Action Fee?

If an airline won't cooperate we're prepared to fight for your rights before a court.

Going to court can cost up to €1,000: from lawyers to court fees or official document translations, there are a lot of bills you'll never see. Instead we add a small 15% supplement to help offset these costs.

Remember, we will never take more than 50% of your compensation in our fees. And, if we don't win, you won't have lost a cent.

Why choose AirHelp?

  • Claim by yourself

    • Free

    • Time consuming and stressful

    • Have to deal with complicated airline processes alone

    • Need to learn the law yourself

    • Your time is wasted if you lose


    Claim with AirHelp

    • Affordable set fees

    • We handle the claim for you, including all paperwork and negotiations

    • Specialists in passenger rights and compensation

    • Risk free - nothing to pay if we don’t win you compensation

    • We cover legal costs. Win or lose, AirHelp will pay all legal costs, which can amount to €1,000

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  • Use a Lawyer

    • Handles the claim for you

    • Costly lawyer and possible court fees

    • Most lawyers aren’t specialized in passenger rights

    • Still have to pay fees if you lose — and you could have to pay the airline's attorney fees too


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