Price List - Brazil

1. Definitions

Our Price List should be read in conjunction with our Terms, where you will find all the defined terms used in our Price List.

2. Free services

AirHelp does not charge anything for its delivery of Eligibility Service, Information Service and unsuccessful Service of Conflict Resolution.

3. Service Fee

If AirHelp is successful in providing the Service of Conflict Resolution and the Passenger receives Flight Compensation, AirHelp is entitled to its Service Fee, which will be deducted from Flight Compensation.

For all Claims, the Service Fee is 35% of the received Flight Compensation, including applicable VAT or other applicable taxes.

The Service Fee is not applicable to Claims that are covered by a booking connected with an AirHelp+ purchase.

4. Passengers from Travel Agencies and other Corporate Agreements

If you have entered into an Agreement with AirHelp via a travel agency or another corporate agreement, the fee structure, payout options, currency conversion and similar might be different depending on the specific level of services provided and individual terms agreed upon. However, in no event will the Service Fee that applies to you exceed the Service Fee as described above.

5. Flight Compensation Amount Guarantee

AirHelp guarantees that the Passenger will always get the correct amount of compensation in the applicable currency.

This applies despite that AirHelp might be paid in another currency by the airlines and incur fees and FX cost related to receiving the funds. AirHelp will therefore never reduce the correct amount of compensation with potential FX cost and bank charges related to receiving funds.

All compensation is therefore always paid in BRL for Brazilian Air Passenger Rights claims, unless otherwise specifically requested by the Passenger and accepted by AirHelp.

6. Free International Bank Transfer

AirHelp offers free international bank transfers via its commercial partner. There will not be any transaction charges/fees of any type charged by neither AirHelp nor the commercial partner. All transaction fees/costs related to the sending bank will be fully covered by AirHelp. However, AirHelp will not cover any additional fees/costs related to Intermediaries/beneficiary banks.

7. Free Check Payments in USD

AirHelp offers check payments in USD as a payout method only if you are a resident of the USA. There will not be any charges/fees of any type charged by AirHelp. All fees/costs related to issuing checks will be fully covered by AirHelp. However, AirHelp will not cover any additional fees/costs related to the cashing of the checks.

8. Value Added Tax (VAT)

All fees and charges stated in this Price List include VAT or other applicable taxes, unless otherwise specified.

Updated: June 30, 2021
Version: BR1.21

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