9 reasons you need AirHelp Plus on your next journey

9 reasons you need AirHelp Plus on your next journey

By Jaqueline Junginger・Last updated on 14 October 2021

Thanks to today’s ever changing restrictions, air travel isn’t as easy as it used to be. That’s why more and more passengers are opting not only for travel insurance, but also for supplementary services like AirHelp Plus, which give you the support you need when you experience a disruption and have to claim compensation.

What is AirHelp Plus?

AirHelp Plus is a subscription that gives you the best live support in case your flight is delayed, canceled, or you get bumped off a flight due to overbooking. While it is not flight travel insurance, it does help you prepare for possible flight disruptions by giving you full access to AirHelp’s air passenger rights expertise so that you can travel with complete peace of mind.

There are currently 2 versions of AirHelp Plus available: Essential and Complete. Both will cover all of your flight disruptions during your membership period.

AirHelp Plus Essential

AirHelp Plus Essential is the basic plan. The main benefit of this plan is that all of AirHelp’s usual fees are waived when you start a claim with AirHelp. Since it only costs €19.99 a year, you can save a lot on service fees, and you essentially receive the full compensation amount, which may be up to €600 for eligible flights — without having to go through the hassle of negotiating with the airlines yourself.

Essential members can also get advice for refunds, and receive assistance for unexpected expenses and for delayed, damaged, or lost luggage. You’ll have access to AirHelp’s Live Chat support at all times, whether it's before, during, and after a flight disruption, and experienced agents will help you navigate through any problems you may encounter in the event of a delay or cancellation.

AirHelp Plus Complete

AirHelp Plus Complete has all the benefits of Essential — no service fees for compensation claims, assistance with unexpected expenses and luggage issues, live chat support — but with additional perks!

For this plan, you get premium airport lounge access whenever your flight is disrupted. After all, flight delays and cancellations are stressful enough — why wait in a crowded, chaotic departure area when you can sit in a quiet, comfortable lounge with a coffee at hand?

Why do you need AirHelp Plus?

Here are 9 reasons why you should get AirHelp Plus:

1. You want to travel in the next few months

Many travelers are already planning their future trips — according to a survey by Expedia, 72% of respondents from 8 countries around the world are planning to travel in the next 12 months.

If you’re one of the ones who are getting ready to travel, it pays to be prepared for any possible disruptions and make sure that you get the compensation that is owed to you by law.

2. You want to save money

With an AirHelp Plus membership, you can be sure to get the best help with your claim possible as it will be handled by experts with years of experience in passenger law, who are well-equipped to get you your money. You’ll also get to save on service fees that would usually go into processing your claim — this is especially useful for more complicated cases where the airline will need to be taken to court. AirHelp will handle all of the legal fees so that you don’t have to pay for a lawyer out of your own pocket.

3. You think flight delays are stressful

Do you find flight disruptions stressful and just wish you could contact someone in case your trip goes wrong? With AirHelp Plus you can talk to our flight delay experts at any time — it takes all the guesswork out of the experience, as they can advise you on your rights are as a passenger, show you how to ask the airline to provide you with food and accommodation, or how to claim if you’re eligible for compensation.

4. You know that flight disruptions happen all the time

Flight disruptions are actually quite common — over 7 million flights are disrupted every year. This means that everyday, about 25,000 passengers suffer flight delays and cancellations. With AirHelp Plus, you’ll be ready for any flight delay you may encounter.

5. You’re a frequent flyer

Whether you are traveling for business or just love to see the world, frequent flyers have the most to gain from AirHelp Plus. After all, if you fly more often, you’re also more likely to experience disruptions. And don’t forget — even if your flights are financed by your company, it is always the passenger who receives compensation.

6. You need help with lost or damaged luggage

If your luggage was damaged or lost by the airline, AirHelp Plus can help you claim back up to €1,400, depending on the value of your items. We’ll do all the hard work of negotiating with the airline, so that you can sit back and wait for your money.

7. You need help with claiming unexpected expenses

Imagine you’ve got an important meeting and an airline loses your luggage right before! Now you have to buy a whole new business suit out of pocket. Luckily, AirHelp Plus Complete can help with that too. If you find yourself needing to spend money unexpectedly because of a flight delay, e.g. for absolute essentials such as food, accommodation, or replacement clothing or equipment, we can help you claim back the costs, up to €6,000. Be sure to keep the receipts however, as the airline will require proof of the purchases.

8. You want to wait at the airport in style

If you purchase the Complete plan, you also get access to premium airport lounges if your flight is delayed by 1 hour or more, or gets canceled at the last minute (6 hours before the flight or less). This means that you can wait in comfort and style until your new departure time — go have a coffee, charge your gadgets, or even get some work done!

9. You want to know about flight disruptions in advance

Add your flight details into your AirHelp Plus dashboard, and we'll notify you if your flight is flagged as delayed or canceled using third party flight tracking tools.

But! If you do receive a notification, you must still check with your airline and follow their advice. If they ask you to come to the airport for the scheduled departure time, you should do as they instruct. Going against it can invalidate a claim for compensation — and we don't want you to do that.

Get complete peace of mind with AirHelp Plus

AirHelp Plus is a great way to just take the stress out of traveling during these uncertain times. Whether you are preparing for a long flight or plan on taking several shorter, domestic flights, AirHelp Plus is a useful service that complements your flight insurance so that you can travel safely and with confidence.

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