We’re improving AirHelp+ to help you fly even better

We’re improving AirHelp+ to help you fly even better

By AirHelp・Last updated on 28 May 2024

Here at AirHelp, we’re always looking for ways to make your air travel experience as relaxing and stress-free as humanly possible. If you’re already one of our 6.5 million AirHelp+ customers, you’ll know that nothing is quite as soothing as knowing that whatever happens when you travel, you have someone in your corner to help you get things like compensation, insurance payouts, and lounge access for disrupted flights, help with lost or damaged luggage, and tons of other perks.

But we want to take it a step further, and really make sure our customers get the help they need when the flying gets tough. That’s why we’re switching a few things around with our annual membership plans, so that we can make sure you get service that actually fits your needs — whether you fly frequently for business, or just occasionally for leisure.

Here's the lowdown of our newly revamped plans. Clear skies ahead!

AirHelp+ Smart

Plus other benefits all year round

You told us you wanted more benefits on a lower-priced plan — and we listened! That’s why AirHelp+ Smart now includes AirPayout, where you’ll get €100 when your flight’s disrupted, and AirLuggage, an easy insurance that gets you €100 cash when a bag is lost or delayed on arrival. What else? With AirHelp+ Smart, you can access over 1,100 airport lounges across the globe when your flight’s delayed over an hour, meaning you get to sit back and relax while you wait for take-off.

AirHelp+ Smart costs €39.99 per year.

AirHelp+ Pro

Frequent flier? Look no further

Is the airport basically your second home? Then AirHelp+ Pro is the way to go. You get all the same benefits as AirHelp+ Smart, but for 9 trips instead of 3. That’s right — triple the trips for €99.99 per year.

Travel perks to make your trips even easier

You name it, we’ve got it

But what about those times when your flight actually goes off without a hitch? While we’re happy to have your back when your flight is canceled or delayed, we also wanted to offer our members benefits for non-disrupted trips as well. In addition to our tried and true inhouse services, we’re rolling out a whole lot of perks in partnership with all your favorite travel brands — look for discounted eSIMs, car rentals, airport transfers, and other selected deals. That way, you’re sure to upgrade your travel experience, no matter what happens.

What’s staying the same?

There is comfort in familiarity, after all

If you’ve been a happy AirHelp+ customer in the past, don’t fret, you’ll still have full access to the benefits you’ve come to love. We’ll still never take a fee from your airline compensation, meaning you’ll get 100% of the cash you’re owed every time. You’ll still be able to reach us 24/7 — although now, you’ll have a dedicated team ready to help you directly via your dashboard. And AirPayout works the same — you’ll get a €100 quick payment wired directly to your bank account as fast as possible when your flight’s been delayed by 3 hours, canceled within 28 days before departure, or diverted. And yes, this includes payouts for flights that aren’t eligible for compensation, such as bad weather and ground staff strikes.

A whole new world of travel assistance awaits

Here’s how to upgrade

Here’s the deal: all the new changes only apply to new memberships, meaning if you’re currently an Essential or Complete member, you don’t need to do anything until your subscription next renews. If you’d like to switch now, upgrade by checking out your AirHelp+ dashboard. And if you bought your membership through a partner, your benefits will remain the same.

We sincerely hope these changes make using AirHelp+ easier and more efficient than ever. As always, if you have any questions, get in touch with us at [email protected].

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