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Air Passenger Rights Introduction: EC261 Compensation and Beyond

Millions of air passengers travel each year, but a large number do not realize that there are air passenger rights to protect them while in transit; EC261 Compensation and Beyond

Air Passenger Rights Awareness Month 2018

Delayed Flight? You have a right to get compensation up to $700

Every journey matters and so do your rights

Millions of travelers around the world are unaware that they have rights!

The European regulation EC 261 exists to protect the rights of travelers. However, it is clear that air passengers still feel powerless against airlines. In fact, every year almost 13 million people lose out on 5 billion euros in compensation.

This year* AirHelp revealed that only 13% know that they have the right to compensation when travel plans go wrong, and only 34% feel that they receive enough information from airlines.

As a global leader in education and advocating the rights of passengers, AirHelp is proud to launch our Air Passenger Rights Awareness Month in partnership with some of the travel industry’s top players.
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*Unless otherwise stated, all data is provided by YouGov Deutschland GmbH. 7,103 respondents participated in the survey, which took place between January 31, 2018 and February 06, 2018. The results are representative for the population of (ages 18 and older) in Germany, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Norway, and Spain, among them 6648 air travelers.

EC 261 Passenger Rights Regulation - travel’s best kept secret

    Our ambition

    US Air Passenger Rights

    Unfortunately, US laws regarding passenger rights when your flight is delayed or cancelled are not as extensive as European or international laws.

    US laws are, however, beneficial to individuals who are denied boarding, passengers experiencing lengthy tarmac delays or travelers who experience luggage problems.

    What Flights are Covered by US Regulations?

    The US tarmac delay regulations apply to any flight departing from or flying to a US airport, while boarding denial regulations apply to flights with US carriers originating in the United States.

    The US laws regarding luggage problems deal with domestic flights with US carriers between US cities. International flights originating in the United States are covered by the Montreal Convention, in most cases.

    Delayed Flight? You have a right to get compensation up to $700

    Air Passenger Rights and Regulations You Should Know

    Flight Compensation Regulation EC 261 / 2004

    What is EC261?

    EC 261/2004 is a regulation in EU law that favors the passenger and holds airlines financially accountablewhen air travel takes an unexpected turn that are deemed the airlines’ errors. In comparison to other legal statutes regarding passenger rights, EC261 is one of the most comprehensive. This important piece of legislation plays a vital role in advocating for air travelers and passenger rights at large.

    Why it Makes Sense to Know About EC261

    Travelers often do not understand that in many instances, airlines are legally and financially responsible for flight issues, not the passenger.

    Depending on your flight, flight scenario, and ultimate destination, understanding passenger rights and filing a claim can mean up to $700 per flight in reimbursements. AirHelp has a staff of legal experts to iron out the finer details and legal jargon. AirHelp does not charge travelers to file a claim.

    Renewed Hope: Passenger Rights Results

    Air Passenger Rights