AirLuggage Insurance

    AirLuggage Insurance

    I received a message from AirHelp+ that I am eligible for payout. How long do I have to request it?

    You have 28 days to request your payout and provide us with your bank details. After 28 days your payout will no longer be valid as per our Terms and Conditions.

    What is a PIR?

    PIR stands for Property Irregularity Report. It’s a document that serves as proof that your luggage is delayed or missing and allows airlines to trace and recover your luggage. You can obtain a PIR at the airport’s lost luggage desk.

    Be sure to get one as soon as you notice your luggage is missing, and hold on to it. You’ll need it to recover your bags, and you’ll need to upload a photo of it to claim AirLuggage insurance.

    Why are you asking for my airline luggage tag?

    We need a picture of your airline luggage tag to verify that you’re the owner of the lost or damaged bags and to check that it matches the information included in your PIR (Property Irregularity Report). 

    AirLuggage insurance only covers luggage checked in under the name registered in your AirHelp+ membership. 

    What happens if I don’t have my airline luggage tag?

    A picture of your airline luggage tag is a requirement for getting your AirLuggage insurance payout. Without it, we cannot process your claim.

    What is an airline luggage tag?

    An airline luggage tag, or bag tag, is a label or ticket that you receive when you check in your luggage. It allows airlines to identify your luggage and route it to its final destination. It’s also used to distinguish similar bags on the carousel in your destination. 

    You usually get two copies — one attached to the handle of your bag and one that’s either attached to your boarding pass or handed directly to you if you have a digital boarding pass. 

    Be sure to keep your copy of your airline tag, as you will need it when claiming your bag from the baggage carousel, or if you need to get a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) if your bag is delayed or goes missing. 

    What happens to my AirLuggage insurance if I am not traveling with checked-in luggage?

    When you add your trip to your dashboard, we will ask you if you are traveling with checked-in luggage. If you choose “no”, we will not apply your AirLuggage insurance to that trip. You can then use AirLuggage to protect any future flights where you’re traveling with checked luggage.

    What is AirLuggage?

    AirLuggage is luggage insurance made easy. It protects you against luggage disruptions on future trips. You'll get €100 if your checked-in bags get delayed or lost on arrival.

    How do I buy AirLuggage insurance?

    AirLuggage is included in AirHelp+ memberships. It’s not currently sold separately. 

    The number of trips covered by AirLuggage varies depending on the plan chosen.

    For the insurance to apply you must add the trip details to your AirHelp+ dashboard before your scheduled departure, and confirm you’ll be traveling with checked-in luggage.

    How do I get my AirLuggage payout?

    If luggage checked in under your name doesn’t turn up on the carousel, report the issue at the lost luggage desk inside the airport and get a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

    Once you have the PIR, you can start a claim by clicking on the link in the email we send you before your flight or via your AirHelp+ dashboard.  

    You’ll be prompted to submit the following: 

    • Either the PIR number or a photo of the report

    • A picture of your luggage tag

    • Your flight booking confirmation 

    • A photo of your ID

    • Your bank account details 

    We’ll send the details to our insurance partner. If all the information is correct and valid, we’ll process your payment and send you an email confirmation within 48 hours. Once you receive the email confirmation, it may take up to 5 working days before the payout reaches your account.

    How do I get a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)?

    You’ll get a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number when you report your luggage issue at the airport’s lost luggage desk. This report acts as proof of your luggage disruption and is a mandatory requirement to get an AirLuggage payout.

    In what kinds of situations will I get an AirLuggage payout?

    If your trip is protected with AirLuggage, you’ll receive €100 if your checked-in bags get lost or delayed, regardless of the number of bags affected.

    Unlike other products in the market, we do not have any threshold to the number of hours your luggage has been delayed. All you need is a valid Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number from the lost luggage desk at the airport, a photo of your baggage tag, your bank details, and a valid ID.

    How long does it take to receive my AirLuggage money?

    Once you have supplied us with the information we need, including your PIR number, picture of your luggage tag, ID, and bank details, we'll send it to our insurance partner for approval. The eligibility will be determined within 48 hours. Once it’s approved, it may take up to 5 working days before the money shows up in your account.

    Does AirLuggage work if I cancel the flight myself?

    AirLuggage works only when you board the flight and can provide us with the right requirements following your luggage disruption.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel AirLuggage protection if you decide not to take the flight.

    Can I add AirLuggage insurance for all passengers traveling with me?

    AirLuggage only protects the bags checked in under the name of the AirHelp+ member. Bags checked in under the name of your co-passengers are not covered by your subscription.

    Does AirLuggage cover all flights on my trip?

    Yes! AirLuggage covers the bags checked-in on every flight that you add to your trip in your AirHelp+ dashboard. 

    How many flights are part of the same trip is up to you. But you should know that there’s a maximum of 1 payout per trip. So, if there are luggage disruptions on 2 or more separate flights on the same trip, you’ll only receive the payout once.

    How much time does it take to confirm I’m eligible for the AirLuggage money?

    We work hard to confirm eligibility as quickly as possible. We’ll be in touch within 48 hours of you submitting your details to tell you the status of your eligibility.

    I have AirLuggage and my luggage was delayed or lost. Why has my claim been rejected?

    All information that you provide us is immediately forwarded to our insurance partner for verification and approval. If they find issues, such as an invalid PIR number, or luggage not checked in under your name, the claim will be rejected.

    If you believe your luggage disruption qualifies for the AirLuggage insurance payout, but has been rejected, you can request that your claim be reviewed by our insurance partners.

    My AirLuggage claim has been approved but I have not received my money yet

    Once we send you an email confirmation that the claim has been approved and bank transfer has been initiated, it may take up to 5 working days for the money to show up in your bank account.

    However, in spite of our best efforts, there may be situations where it may take longer for the banks to process the payment.

    If you have not received the money after 7 working days of receiving the email, please contact our agents using our online chat or at [email protected].

    Which countries’ bank accounts are currently supported by AirLuggage?

    You can receive your payout if your bank account is based in one of the following countries: 

    • Andorra

    • Argentina

    • Armenia

    • Australia

    • Austria

    • Azerbaijan

    • Bahrain

    • Belgium

    • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    • Brazil

    • Bulgaria

    • Cameroon

    • Canada

    • Chile

    • China

    • Colombia

    • Costa Rica

    • Croatia

    • Cyprus

    • Czechia

    • Denmark

    • Dominican Republic

    • Ecuador

    • Egypt

    • Estonia

    • Faroe Islands

    • Finland

    • France

    • French Guiana

    • Gabon

    • Germany

    • Greece

    • Guadeloupe

    • Guatemala

    • Honduras

    • Hong Kong

    • Hungary

    • Iceland

    • India

    • Indonesia

    • Ireland

    • Israel

    • Italy

    • Ivory Coast

    • Japan

    • Jersey

    • Jordan

    • Kosovo

    • Kuwait

    • Latvia

    • Liechtenstein

    • Lithuania

    • Luxembourg

    • Malaysia

    • Malta

    • Martinique

    • Mayotte

    • Mexico

    • Moldova

    • Monaco

    • Morocco

    • Netherlands

    • New Caledonia

    • New Zealand

    • Norway

    • Oman

    • Peru

    • Philippines

    • Poland

    • Portugal

    • Qatar

    • Réunion

    • Taiwan

    • Thailand

    • Turkey

    • Ukraine

    • United Arab Emirates

    • United Kingdom

    • United States

    • Uruguay

    If you country is not on the list above, please contact us through our online chat or email [email protected] so we can collect your bank account details and send your payout.

    Will I receive the AirLuggage payout in my currency?

    In case of luggage disruptions, AirLuggage pays you €100 per trip, regardless of the number of bags lost or delayed. This is the amount we will send to your bank account.

    However, the actual amount that you receive in your account will be in your account’s currency, and will depend on the current exchange rates applied by your bank.

    Who is the AirLuggage money sent to?

    The payout can only be sent to the AirHelp+ member.

    How can I make a complaint about AirLuggage?

    If you are dissatisfied with AirLuggage or the service you received we want to know about it. Please fill out our complaint form, which will be reviewed by our insurance partners.

    Do I need to prove what was in my bag to get an AirLuggage payout?

    No, there's no need to prove the contents of your bag. All you need for an AirLuggage payout is your ID, bank details, picture of your luggage, flight booking confirmation, and a valid Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number that you get from the lost luggage desk inside the airport.

    Does AirLuggage cover damage to my bags?

    AirLuggage offers fast and easy payouts if your luggage is lost or delayed.

    If the airline damages your bag or its contents, it is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. As you’re an AirHelp+ member, we can help you claim the money back from the airline.

    The AirLuggage payout isn’t enough! It doesn’t cover the value of what was lost in my bag.

    AirLuggage is designed to give you a fast and easy payout, so you have money to cover the essentials.
    The airline is responsible for covering the full cost of everything lost in your bag. As you’re an AirHelp+ member, we can help you claim your money back from the airline.

    I couldn’t get a Property Irregularity Report. Can I get my AirLuggage payout?

    No, sorry. A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number is essential in order to be eligible for a payout.

    Is it safe to share my bank details?

    Yes. We take data security and privacy very seriously. Therefore, we would like to assure you that our data protection policy on the processing, sharing, and storing of all personal information, including bank details, is fully compliant with all EU data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    You can read the AirHelp Privacy Policy here.

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