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Flight delays and cancellations upset millions of travelers every year. Join us and use your skills for good — by working with AirHelp, you’ll help ensure that air passengers get access to information, representation, and compensation. Our work makes the world a fairer place.

Operating as a justice-as-a-service company, our technology, automation, artificial intelligence, and of course, our people, help millions of travellers every year to get the compensation that is owed to them. You work on the things that make a difference.
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We believe in making a difference.


Make a difference with AirHelp —  whether you love to make people smile, crunch data, dream code, cook up the smartest designs, to market for the best, or relish the cleanness of the perfect financial forecast, you can build your career with us. Together, we educate, create tools, and provide the support needed to make flying fair for everyone.


Our team members come from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and unique experiences. What unites us is our strong sense of fairness, on behalf of our passengers and of our teammates. We leave our egos at the door and do what’s right. We’re also all global travelers, who understand what our fellow passengers go through. We are motivated to help.

Work with a company that cares — about our customers, and your growth.


Be yourself

We hire people because they’re smart, unique, and care about people the way we do.

Continuous learning

For every great idea, there’s someone on hand to make it happen. Learn from the best.

Love what you do

Grow your strengths and work with people who care.

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