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Claim compensation for your flight delay or cancellation

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Up to €600 in compensation
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As a travel affiliate partner, you have the opportunity to connect your business or blog world to ours. We welcome you to AirHelp, the world’s leading flight compensation company.

We handle the claims process on behalf of the passenger, and as a travel affiliate, you incorporate our tool into your website in exchange for an attractive commission on each processed claim.

How it works

Check if you can get compensation for your disrupted flight

Check your compensation

Submit your details and we run a quick flight check to see if the airline owes you money.

AirHelp takes care of your claim

AirHelp manages your claim

We’re very good at this, so you sit back and relax while we jump into action.

Receive money for your delayed, canceled or overbooked flight

We send you the money

We get it to you as quickly as we can, with regular updates along the way.