Marketing Manager Portugal

Marketing position in Berlin

More and more air passengers are asking AirHelp for help when they experience flight disruptions. Because of that, AirHelp is growing rapidly.

We’re a Y Combinator backed company that is looking for a worldclass marketing manager that can lead our marketing efforts in Denmark. For too long the air travel industry has been surrounded by red tape and bureaucracy, and we are looking for a smart, self-motivated, and enthusiastic individual to join us on the journey of helping consumers assert their legal rights through tech and data.

You are:

  • A growth hacker. You are a star at customer acquisition using both conventional and non-conventional methods.
  • Tech-savvy. You have experience with digital online advertising and are great at utilizing online and offline marketing methodologies for growth.
  • A self-starter and a problem solver with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
  • A data driven person that can prove assumptions without breaking a sweat.
  • An integral part of the startup community.


What you’ll be doing:

  • Own the responsibility of driving up monthly number of claims and hit growth targets.
  • Increase awareness about AirHelp and passenger rights through continuous PR efforts.
  • A/B testing of landing pages to increase conversion.
  • Design and execute marketing and partnership strategies for the Danish market.
  • Capture key digital marketing metrics for campaigns, make sense of trends, and improve performance.
  • Orchestrate social media activities; identify, follow and participate in all relevant social media platforms.
  • Engage and galvanize our target community through blogs, forums and press opportunities

What you’ll need:

  • Proven experience in Social, Content and general digital marketing.
    Ability to understand user behavior and build growth strategies around site traffic.
    Familiarity with the tech ecosystem.

Are you a native speaker without background in marketing?

If you’re thrilled about the tasks listed above, apply anyway! We are looking for the motivated enthusiasts of the marketing world!

Job Details:

  • Team or role: Marketing Manager Portugal, Growth Hacker
  • Job type: Full-time Consultancy Contract
  • Languages: Native/Fluent Portuguese language, Fluent English language


Join us and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

This seat is already occupied :(