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Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. There are 3 factors that determine eligibility and the amount of compensation for flight delays:

Flight Delay Longer
If you were delayed more than 3 hours

When the EU law applies, the actual delay at the final destination has to be greater than the scheduled arrival by at least 3 hours.

Flight Delay Preventable
If the airline was at fault

To get compensation, the cause of the delay has to be the airlines' fault, such as technical problems or schedule conflicts. Circumstances such as bad weather or labor strikes are not eligible.

Flight Delay Details
Your flight route

EU law covers flights within the EU and from Europe to anywhere in the world. In addition, flights to Europe from elsewhere are covered, provided they are with a European airline. The compensation amount depends on distance flown. In many other regions, including the US, the Montreal Convention may provide coverage.

Flight Delay Compensation
You are entitled to cash compensation and more

When you're stuck at the airport, in addition to money and re-routing, the airline is required to give you free meals, accommodations, transportation, and more⎯if you ask the ground crew for assistance. Make sure you don't surrender your right to compensation by signing any document that relieves the airline from its obligation to pay.

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Use our app to start a new claim.

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The claim has to be made under the Montreal Convention.

AirHelp currently doesn't support claims under the Montreal Convention. We are always expanding our services and hope to support this type of claim in the future, but in the meantime, we can at least give you a bit of information to point you in the right direction.

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Applying law(s): European EC261 Law

According to your flight details, your delay may be covered by EC 261. Here is some information on the law and what it says regarding flight delays:

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