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What’s the difference between AirHelp and AirHelp Pro?

AirHelp assists you in receiving compensation from airlines based on EU Regulation EC 261 and US Code of Federal Regulations. You can check a past flight from the last three years to see if you’re eligible for compensation.

Anyone can submit an AirHelp claim for compensation under those regulations, no membership required. If we don’t win the compensation for you, we will not charge you anything. If we win, however, we will deduct a service fee from your compensation. If the airline doesn’t accept the claim and we think that they are wrong, we take legal action, (there is also a legal action fee). The fees, altogether, will never exceed 50% of the compensation.

AirHelp Pro, on the other hand, is a membership program that provides its members with immediate help and additional travel benefits for eligible flight delays when they happen, (provided they have an active AirHelp Pro membership at the time). You must purchase AirHelp Pro (currently $19.95 for the first year). As a member, if you experience a travel disruption that is covered by the AirHelp Pro Terms and Conditions, you will enjoy one or more of the following benefits:

  • Cash benefit (USD/EUR 100 for Everyday Disruptions; USD/EUR 1000 for Nightmare Disruptions)
  • Lounge access (you have the option to pay for access to the airport lounge. Send us the receipt/invoice and AirHelp Pro will reimburse you for the cost)
  • 24/7 concierge service (we assist you in finding alternative flights but we are not liable for additional costs incurred)
  • Concierge service (we assist you in finding alternative flights but we are not liable for additional costs incurred)
  • Airport tax back assistance (the airport tax portion of your ticket is refundable if you are not on the flight for any reasonon average you can expect to receive USD/EUR 35 for short haul and USD/EUR 90 for long haul flights)

We will also advise you on your eligibility for compensation from the airline on the basis of EU Regulation and US Code of Federal Regulations.

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