Frequently Asked Questions

What is Payoneer and why do you recommend Payoneer?

Payoneer is a very secure and regulated provider of international payments (US regulated). The company is able to do bank transfers to more or less the whole world, and do to that we have integrated our systems with theirs and the volume we provide to them, we are able to get highly discounted rates on international bank transfers to our customers.

AirHelp do not charge any fees related to Payoneer transfers, since we will encourage all to use this effective, safe and cheap provider, if all information is correctly provided, and the money is not returned to us (or Payoneer) due to incomplete or wrong information provided.

The customer will be charged only potential FX cost. If the customer receives the money in the currency they have been sent from Airhelp, no FX cost will be imposed by Payoneer.

Another benefit by Payoneer is that in many countries, Payoneer is able to transfer the money as a local bank transfer and thereby in 99% of the cases reduce the fees imposed by your own bank to what is cost to receive a local transfer.

Read more about Payoneer  here.

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