We are a company that likes to utilise all the coolest, shiniest, newest technologies out there. We strongly believe that cloud based infrastructure is way more fun a much smarter choice than a physical one. That being said, in your role you would probably have to deal with some physical hardware as well, as it seems no one yet thought of a way to put all that copper and fiber stuff (and some silicon too…) in the cloud :( As a member of the IT Infrastructure team you will be responsible for developing and maintaining our on-site and cloud-based network and security infrastructure. You will be expected to implement new features, design and plan the development of new IT solutions and perfecting the ones already in place (but mostly create new ones… at least until we create all of them and then think of how to make them even better). It would also be cool if you could share some of that extensive knowledge of yours with the rest of us and help us do better :) Also if you need any more motivation, I would like to point out we have NO legacy systems to upkeep.



  • Optimising our existing network and network security infrastructure (hosted on site and in AWS/Azure)
  • Thinking of ways to make it better
  • Turning these thoughts into action
  • Improving our existing IT processes and procedures and designing brand new ones! (we try to keep the latter ones at a minimum, but unfortunately we had to admit that in some cases procedures actually make sense)
  • You would help us put in place a lot of cool new stuff – CASB, NAC, Firewalls and a lot of other acronyms are all awaiting someone to give them a do-over :)
  • Automation! We definitely need help turning these mundane everyday tasks into things that happen virtually on their own
  • As every other member of the IT Team,  you will sometimes have to be given the opportunity to help users with their daily struggles

Required skills:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in network infrastructure and security
  • Extensive knowledge of next generation firewalls, VPNs, DLP, NAC and RADIUS
  • Experience in designing or redesigning the systems mentioned above
  • A very suspicious state of mind

Nice to have:

  • Experience with endpoint security (Endpoint UTM components, MDM, DLP, IPS, IDS, and some other acronyms)
  • Experiencing with managing networks that are used by macOS based endpoints
  • Experience with PaaS/IaaS/SaaS security (like if you’d know how to implement CASB and stuff, that would be really cool)
  • Experience with Google Apps for Business
  • Experience administering Office 365
  • (it’s a bit of a stretch) Experience with Centrify or SafeCom

Soft skills:

  • You have to be a Great (capital letter intended for emphasis) team player
  • You need to have a sense of ownership and responsibility for your work
  • You need to be curious and eager to learn
  • You should be comfortable thinking outside the box – our startup attitude extends throughout every division of the company
  • Have we mentioned knowledge sharing before? So let us rephrase it now: you should posses and insatiable need to share knowledge and help other team members do their work better