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You Can Save More When Booking Airport Parking in Advance

AuthorThe AirHelper

There is a common misconception that airport travelers can save maybe 5 or 10 percent on their ground transportation expenses by booking airport parking in advance. In reality the savings can be much, much larger. New research reveals how much money can be saved by booking in advance with SkyParkSecure’s airport parking service at various airports throughout the UK.

Potential cost savings by airport

The company looked at several airports using exact data from our customer’s bookings and the results were impressive. For stays booked more than 30 days in advance the savings at each airport amounted to:

Edinburgh: 29%
Manchester: 39%
Birmingham: 38%
Heathrow: 28%

Potential cost savings by distance traveled

SkyPark Secure also examined the data at Manchester in more detail and took into account the distance traveled to the airport and also fuel costs.

For journeys within 30 miles of the airport, advance parking with SkyParkSecure was the cheapest on average: 32% cheaper than taking the bus or coach; 36% cheaper than the train; and 68% cheaper than a taxi.

The savings increased for those coming from even further away (within 30-60 miles of the airport). Advance parking with SkyParkSecure was 46% cheaper than a bus or coach; 67% cheaper than a train; and 72% cheaper than a taxi. For journeys within 60-90 miles of the airport, advance parking with SkyParkSecure was 41% cheaper than a bus or coach; 65% cheaper than a train; and 78% cheaper than a taxi.

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