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What You Need to Know About That Flight You Took 3 Years Ago

AuthorThe AirHelper

Remember that flight you took three years ago? Not so much? How about two years ago?

Okay, so a lot can happen in a few years – but just because you don’t remember something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. That could even include flight disruptions such as delays, cancellations, and overbookings. Enter AirHelp…

Air Passenger Rights and Compensation

While you may already know about your air passenger rights, did you know that you can claim compensation for them for disruptions from the past few years?

You can!

Thanks to a decision made in November 2012, the previous two-year statute of limitations on claiming compensation no longer applies. The deadline for claims now falls under the statute of limitations where you live – which means you can claim compensation on flights from more than two years ago.

How to Claim Compensation on a Three-Year-Old Flight

So how can you claim compensation on a past flight disruption if you can barely remember what you ate for dinner a week ago? We’re all so busy that even a long delay or flight cancellation can become a distant memory as soon as the pain of it is over.

That’s where AirHelp comes in!

Use AirHelp’s email scanner to see if any of your past flights may be eligible for compensation. The scanner will review flight numbers from confirmation emails sent to you by airlines and online travel agents (such as Expedia) and find any flights that were delayed, cancelled, or overbooked. If they fit the criteria for compensation, we’ll notify you and you can start the claims process.

Pretty simple, right? Even better: it’s free to try. As always, AirHelp only gets paid if you do. That means we get paid nothing if you don’t win your claim – or we’ll receive 25% of the claim if we do win it for you. All you have to do is try the email scanner, file a claim if you have one, and sit back while we do the rest.

How’s that for “passive income”?


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