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What are the keys to customer happiness?

AuthorThe AirHelper

What’s the difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer? Loyalty implies that the customer trusts you, finds you reliable and will return to spend their money with you.

Perhaps more importantly, the loyal customer has a higher probability of promoting your company to his or her greater circle of influence including friends, family and colleagues, which means more money in your pocket. So, why is this easier said than done?

How to go from ‘good’ to ‘great’

Customer service expert and bestselling author Shep Hyken, claims it’s possible for every business to drive loyalty no matter their size or budget. In an interview with C-Suite TV, Hyken provided models of companies who have successfully elevated their customer service capabilities from good to great.

The companies are entrepreneurial in nature and privately owned. But, their distinguishing factors are personalized service and simply being helpful. These companies don’t stop at telling you how to help yourself – they take you there. They’re more interested in their customer’s need than they are in making a sale. That allows them to anticipate the needs of their customers.

Happiness is reached on the backbone of five levels of customer service that range from loyalty to amazement. Hyken explains the five steps in an interview with Skipp Richard and they’re detailed below. The moment of truth – the interaction you have with the customer and the impression they’re left with afterward — ranges from misery to mediocre to magic. Which one are you?

The 5 stages of truth


1. Uncertainty

The customer doesn’t know what it will be like to do business with you. They’re perhaps wary or even skeptical.

2. Alignment

Aligning customers with your business means successfully convincing them that you can deliver upon your brand promise.

3. Experience

It’s one thing to provide a brand promise that’s believable; it’s quite another for them to count on it happening over and over again.

4. Ownership

Ownership is all about consistency. The customer will start to own your brand promise on your behalf if it is consistently delivered in a better way on average.

5. Amazement

Amazement isn’t “blow-me-away, over-the-top service,” it’s simply being better than average all of the time.


How AirHelp can take you there


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