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Websummit 2014 Here We Come!

AuthorAda Kozłowska

Hey! We are excited to be going to Websummit this year – the annual European gathering of some of the most exciting people in tech (and Bono) and it’s related industries. It’s “Davos for geeks” – the web conference that spawned Collision in the US (which we won, by the way). But that was Vegas, and this is Dublin. As we get ready to go, we are bursting with excitement for everyone we will meet with and learn from , but also as we will be announcing something major. Huge. Super exciting. We would tell you now, but that kind of ruins the suspense.

Of course, as previous winners of a prestigious start up conference contest (Spark at Collision), we have a bit of advice, or at least experience, to share with those participating in the Coca Cola sponsored Pitch Contest at Websummit. We’ve written a pretty nice little post about that on their blog.

On Thursday we will be speaking about “Life After Incubation”, which is not about hatching baby ducklings, but rather about the thrilling journey we’ve been on since Y Combinator. We will be talking about how we got in, and what it has meant for us in the aftermath.Wish us luck. So yeah, we have a million meetings, we are making a really big announcement, and we are honored and excited to be present at this years Websummit. Check back here for more stories from Ireland, Henrik has already expressed his hope for spotting “capricorns”. He definitely meant “leprechauns”. I didn’t correct him.

Visit to see what will go on there and get inspired. Follow our adventures on Twitter and Instagram #airhelpwebsummit #Websummit

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