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Up In the Air: How to Be a Good Travel Partner for Your Co-Workers

AuthorThe AirHelper

There are people who love to travel, people who live to travel…and people who travel to live. For those in the latter category – the people who spend all of their “commuting” time on a plane – maintaining an organized approach to travel can make all the difference in their sanity at work.

That’s why we’ve started the Up In the Air series. Every month we’ll share insights to help traveling professionals optimize their time, organize their lives, and get the most out of their travel experiences. First up: some advice  from our friends at NexTravel on how to be a considerate travel partner for your co-workers!

Whether you’re traveling with a coworker or by yourself, there’s nothing worse than not being prepared or fighting over where you’re going next or what to wear.  We’ve compiled a list for you below to keep it smooth sailing between you and your co-worker.

  • HEADPHONES. Not only do they save you from the variables around you, but they’re also a nice way of saying, “I don’t really feel like chatting” and give you a mini break from whomever you’re traveling with.  
  • TIMING. Timing is everything when it comes to travel. The plane is not going to wait for you and neither should your co-worker. Be courteous and make sure to arrive at the airport at a reasonable time prior to your flight.  
  • PLAN AHEAD. It’s so much easier to plan ahead rather than trying to figure everything out once you’ve landed. Divide the tasks: someone takes care of dinner reservations while the other figures out transportation. Check to see if everyone is carrying on or checking bags before you pack. No one wants to be the person everyone else is waiting on!
  • CLOTHING. Don’t show up at the airport in leggings and a t-shirt. Did we really need to state that? You can dress nice and still be comfortable. If you have a big client meeting, pack something you would normally wear to meetings like this at your own office.  
  • FUN. It’s ok to wind down at the end of the evening with a few drinks, but not to lose control.  Remember, you are still on a work trip, not spring break.
  • ATTITUDE.  Traveling can be stressful, we get it.  Remember though, you are not alone.  If your flight is delayed or canceled or you booked the wrong type of rental car, don’t panic, these things happen!  Keeping a cool, collected attitude will not only make the situation much easier to fix but also may win you an upgraded seat.

About Cameron Ross: After 22 years in Florida, Cam decided to trade in her flip flops for the “livin’ the dream” life in Colorado.  After hitting the slopes for a few years, she made the move to NYC, which is where she now calls home. She’s an avid traveler, French Bulldog lover, incredibly competitive, and a nacho enthusiast.

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