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Travel Thursdays: Simplifying Your Summer Travel

AuthorAda Kozłowska

As much as we love travel, there’s no denying the fact that coordinating a trip can be difficult, to say the least. But the idea of travel is to relax and have fun – not to accumulate more stress! That’s why it’s so important to create routines that simplify everything from booking to wheels up.


Need a little help creating these routines? You’re in luck – we’re sharing a few of our favorite articles this week to help:


Cleverlayover Combines Two Round-Trips for Significant SavingsThe Points Guy
So this may not be the simplest option, but it could be the cheapest. Find out how using this tool can save your vacation budget from being consumed by flight costs.


Booking Online? Watch Out for These Airline & Hotel Travel ScamsPeter Greenberg
One habit you should create is to pause before swiping your card on that flight or hotel. Then follow Greenberg’s advice to ensure that you’re not about to send your money to a scammer.


Travel Product of the Week: BookBook Travel JournalJohnny Jet
Packing for a trip has gotten a lot harder since we started carrying electronics and all their accompanying cords. Simplify your packing with this cool (though not cheap) travel journal that keeps them all in one place.


Vacation Is Just What the Doctor Ordered, According to WomensHealth.comPursuitist
Afraid you don’t have time to plan a vacation, much less take one? Here’s why it’s so important to make it happen.


6 Reasons Why I Get Up Early When I TravelLandlopers
Think vacations are all about sleeping in? Read on to find out how sticking to your morning routine while on vacation can actually help you get the most out of your trip!


Image Credit: Tim Mossholder


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