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Travel Thursdays: On Not Forgetting Your Travel Essentials

AuthorAda Kozłowska

Tickets bought, hotels booked, bags packed. You’re on your way!

Wait, are you forgetting something? What was that thing you wished you had brought with you on your last trip? Why didn’t you write it down? Why do you always forget to write it down!

Sound familiar? This dialog runs through my head before nearly every trip I go on. Unfortunately, it plays the loudest when I’ve already booked an Uber to take me to the airport. I scramble into check and recheck mode until the Uber calls to see where I am and I have to basically hurl myself through the front door.

Traveling is so exhausting sometimes.

But this time can be different! We’ve compiled some of the best travel advice from around the web to help you prepare for your trip. Whether it’s packing correctly, lining up your entertainment, or planning your must-see spots, these tips have got you covered!

10 Essentials Which You Always Forget to PackTravelettes
If the true travel experts are forgetting to pack essentials, then you know it can happen to anyone. Find out what they always forget so you don’t do the same.

My Favorite Travel PodcastsRoam + Golightly
Podcasts are not just fun, they can be informative too! Check out some of these greats to satiate your craving for wanderlust and help you prepare for your next trip.

8 Travel Tips That Every Parent Needs to KnowThe Points Guy
Traveling with kids can be interesting, to say the least. For all you parents out there, here are some tips to make your life easier and travels smoother.

5 New York Photo Spots You Must VisitWorld of Wanderlust
What’s worse than forgetting something? Forgetting to visit your favorite attractions! Since we’re now calling New York home, we had to share these must-see photo spots.

How to Find Other Digital NomadsSeek New Travel
We’ve talked about this before but we still love Find a Nomad, a tool for people who love to travel but are tired of going it alone. Meet fellow wanderlusters here!


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