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Travel Thursdays: Off the Beaten Path

AuthorAda Kozłowska

Last week we talked about exploring the world via open road and we’re still loving this idea of going off the beaten path. But you can do it via air travel too! That’s why this week is all about highlighting destinations all around the world that are a bit off the beaten path. Get ready, adventure awaits!

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the MaldivesThe Points Guy

Have you ever gone to a restaurant under the sea? If you love the ocean and its creatures, then this is a destination not to be missed.

Is This the Most Beautiful Terrace in the World?Dream Euro Trip

How about taking a moment to breathe in and reflect on the beauty this world has to offer? Perhaps the terrace mentioned in this blog post is the best place to do it!

Trip to Paradise: Musha CayLuxe in a City

Want to turn that moment of reflection into a week or more? Musha Cay just might be the perfect place to do it.

5 Middle Earth Locations You Can Visit in Real LifeA Dangerous Business

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Then you have to check out this blog post sharing ways you can see the views from your favorite trilogy in real life!

The World’s Most Underrated DestinationsAussie on the Road

There are many locales that everyone raves about, but what about the quiet favorites? Here are a few that don’t get enough love, but that could become your new must-see spots.

Image Credit: Andrew Phillips

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