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Travel Thursdays: Learning to Travel Like a Pro

AuthorAda Kozłowska

Love travel, but want to take your skills to the next level? Learning to travel like a pro can lead to more efficiency, more money saved, and possibly even more exciting adventures. That’s why we’re sharing insights this week from top travel bloggers. Find out how they travel so you too can learn to travel like a pro!

My 25 Best Travel Tips After 10 Years of Traveling the WorldOrdinary Traveler
A decade of travel equals a lot of lessons learned. Find out 25 such lessons from a travel blogger who’s been hitting the road (and air) for ten years.

4 Things I Do On Every TripLandlopers
To travel frequently and efficiently necessitates building routines. Find out the four things one travel blogger does no matter what trip he goes on.

What to Do When You Miss Your Flight The Points Guy
Missed flights can happen to even the most organized of travelers. Avoid the last-minute fee for a new flight by using what’s called the “flat tire rule,” as described in this article.

18 Rules to Eat Cheap, Safe and Well Around the WorldExtra Pack of Peanuts
Exploring new food is one of the best parts of travel, but it can also be one of the most dangerous and expensive. This article shares 18 rules to help you eat safely and for cheap.

Travel App of the Week: iArrowJohnny Jet
Exploring new places is all fun and games…until you get lost without a map. This app will help you find your way – even when there are no roads!

50 Ways I Saved (A Lot) of Money to Travel the WorldWorld of Wanderlust
Do you want to become a travel expert – by making it your life? Find out how one blogger was able to save up money to do just that. Your new life awaits!

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