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Travel Thursdays: Handling Travel Mishaps

AuthorAda Kozłowska

Do you know what to do if you experience an emergency while you’re traveling? We travelers can spend so much time thinking about booking the cheapest flights, packing more efficiently, and planning the perfect itinerary that it’s easy to forget to prepare for the unexpected.

Not today though! This week we’re sharing blog posts that will help you handle all kinds of travel mishaps so you can be prepared for anything.

The 7 Best Travel Apps that Every Traveller NeedsMonkeys and Mountains

First of all, don’t leave until you have a roster of travel apps on the ready to help you! Here are just a few to get you started.

5 New Travel Startups Focused on Getting Travelers Out of TroubleSkift

Speaking of travel apps, there are new startups popping up to help travelers every day. Here are five that are focused on getting travelers out of a jam. 

How to Deal with a Fear of FlyingThe Points Guy

Does a fear of flying threaten to ruin your trip before it even starts? Here’s some solid advice to beat that fear – from a flyer who knows your pain.

Dealing with Bad Weather on Your TravelsTwenty-something Travel

There’s nothing worse than planning for a trip for months…only to be greeted by bad weather as soon as you arrive. Read on to find out how to make the best of it!

Tips for Making a Travel Insurance ClaimPommie Travels

Travel insurance – the one thing we buy for our travel that we hope never to use. Before you go, read this post to make sure you’re prepared in case you need to file a claim.


Image Credit: Matthew Wiebe

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