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Travel Thursdays: For the Love of Travel

AuthorAda Kozłowska

Do you often dream of packing a suitcase and dropping yourself into some exotic locale? Fantasize about exploring new cities? Count the days until you can return to beloved locations from your travel past?

Whether they’re adventure-seekers or people who just love getting away from it all, all travelers have one thing in common: insatiable wanderlust. As wanderlusters ourselves, we’re dedicating this Travel Thursday to the bloggers who celebrate a life of travel and share their passion with the world.

In Praise of Humble BeginningsOut and Out
It’s easy to look at other’s travels and think, “I could never have enough time/money/courage for that.”  Here’s how to get past that feeling – there’s no time like the present to fulfill your dreams!

Let’s Debunk A Few Misconceptions About TravelLandlopers
There can be so much fear around the topic of travel that many never turn their hopes of exploration into reality. This blogger debunks fear-based myths to show us why we should all pursue our travel dreams.

The Unintentional Side Effects of Slow Travel & HousesittingThe Constant Rambler
Vacations are wonderful, but have you ever heard of “slow travel”? Read on to learn what this new wave of travel is and how it can change your life.

10 Free Things to Do in Any CitySuitcases & Sippy Cups
One of the biggest deterrents to travel is the fear of high costs – but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are 10 free and fun things to do in just about any city you go to.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2015Hungry for Points
If you have a bit more saved in your travel budget, you can enjoy one of the greatest parts of travel: the food. This list of top restaurants for 2015 should give you a bit of inspiration!

How to Take Professional Travel PhotosNomadic Matt
Everyone becomes a photographer when traveling – wouldn’t it be fun to take your photos to the next level? Don’t miss this in-depth, all-inclusive guide to learn how.

Image Credit: Siyan Ren

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