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Travel Tech that every Business Traveler should have with them…

AuthorThe AirHelper

The world of business travel is an often ignored sector when it comes to travel blogging but just because your trip is covered doesn’t mean you don’t want to have some control over the experience. With these travel tech gadgets, tools and apps a business traveler can turn a trip from simply business to a truly worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

USB Battery Pack

There’s nothing worse than walking through a massive airport looking for the one available outlet, finding it, plugging in and realizing it doesn’t work. Save yourself the time and the effort by packing a USB battery pack into your carry on. It’s a handy tool when you’re in a pinch!


This sleek battery pack is just $19.99 on Amazon

Unlocked Phone

You’ve got your iPhone. It’s been able to optimize your working experience for the most part during domestic projects but is it unlocked? If it isn’t you could get charged ridiculous roaming fees if you aren’t able to switch out your SIM. An unlocked phone allows you to avoid additional expenses unless you’re lucky enough to be on a carrier that doesn’t charge obnoxious roaming charges.


Noise Canceling Headphones

If you’re a veteran business traveler, you most likely own a pair of these already. However, these are ubiquitous because of their usefulness. No list of travel tech would be complete without them. The droning of a plane is only music to the ears of a select, but fortunate few.



The apps you may use will be very similar to our list of travel apps in general but additionally we recommend:


If you’ve got Dropbox sync’d to your phone and your laptop you no longer have to worry about two things:

  1. Leaving something important (well at least you won’t leave an important document, unfortunately Dropbox doesn’t back up physical items just yet)
  2. Losing something important

For that kind of peace of mind, we think Dropbox is completely worth it as it backs up all your important documents to cloud!

Gate Guru

This app allows you to stay up to date on the check in process before your actually flight. Enabling you to be aware of just how long it might take to check in through your specific gate. You’ll be able to tell if you can cut your flight a little close or if you should give yourself a little more time to commute.


There are still things that are out of every travelers control. If your experience wasn’t completely hassle free and you got bumped off a flight, or delayed on another you or even worse, your flight got cancelled you should know you may be able to get compensation for the trouble that it cost you

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