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Travel Bloggers of the Month

AuthorAda Kozłowska

As a writer, I do a lot of reading. Much of my reading here at AirHelp is around travel and travel bloggers and over my time here I’ve discovered some invaluable bloggers whose content I have the unique privilege of sharing with the world. 

If you are not immersed in the world of travel blogs you may not know that the travel blog market is ridiculously saturated. This means that in 2015 it is increasingly difficult to find a travel blog that isn’t just a glorified diary. To help our readers find value in the world of travel blogs we’ve gathered a list of the 5 travel bloggers we’ve found to be the most helpful this month! 

A Dangerous Business with Amanda

Amanda’s a great source of travel tips. Her post on how to survive long haul flights is what brought her to my attention. There are a few blog posts on this topic but Amanda’s manages to be comprehensive yet succinct, something that as it sounds has become somewhat of an onomatopoeia or more simply put a flying unicorn in the world of travel blogs. Amanda gets to the point without leaving out valuable information. Check out her blog!


Delta Points with René 

Now you can’t get through a list of travel bloggers without including a travel hacker. Someone who is able to save more on air travel than most people earn in a year! René helps novices to frequent flyers from around the world to master the art of frugal travel. If you want an intro to the world of travel hacking from the lens of a Delta Airlines frequent flyer check his blog out now!


World of Wanderlust with Brooke

This is travel blogging from a millenial perspective. I follow the World of Wanderlust on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and I’m beginning to consider following Brooke on Snapchat too. If you want a fully immersive travel experience you need to be following Brooke! She’s a great storyteller and a great writer and her posts are wonderfully addictive. 


Roam and Go Lightly with Laura

What got me interested in “Roam and Go Lightly” was the name. I’ve always been fascinated with great and creative names. Many phrases and names have become cliché in the world of travel bloggers — words like “adventures”, “experiences” and “journey” come to mind. Usually if I see any of those in a blogs title I’m going to click that back button really quickly. Like her blog’s name Laura’s blog is a refreshing shift towards a more creative approach to travel blog writing. I recommend you give it a read! 


Seek New Travel with Kit and Nick

Okay, so you’ve read all the blogs I’ve shared with you and you’ve started packing your bags. You’re sold on this travel thing but you need a bit of help. Well there’s a blog for that! “Seek New Travel” is managed by Nick and Kit, two digital nomads outlining the joys of working around the world. If you’re intrigued by the digital nomadic life and want to figure out a way to become a digital nomad definitely scroll through their page! 



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