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The Supreme Court Agrees With AirHelp!

AuthorThe AirHelper

In a landmark decision, the UK Supreme Court has just ruled that technical problems are NOT considered extraordinary circumstances, unless they stem from sabotage or terrorism. The case is Huzar vs., and you can read about the official ruling here In no uncertain terms the ruling means that when your flight is delayed or cancelled, and the airline sites ‘unforeseen technical problems’ as the reason for your inconvenience, they are no longer permitted to disallow your legal entitlement to compensation. Not long after the UK decision was announced, Denmark followed suit.


It’s a big deal because this is the highest court in the largest air travel market in all of Europe, sending a clear signal around the world that the need for transparency and fairness is greater than ever. It also might be an eye opener to passengers who were unaware of their rights to begin with.


This is wonderful news for air travelers, for it makes clear what has been a blurry and obscured issue for consumers and maybe even for the airlines themselves. It’s a big and complex industry.  

We here at AirHelp have dedicated our energy to making passengers aware of their rights and as importantly, making them accessible and usable. This ruling is a great affirmation for us and step in the right direction for the industry. As the British politician William Gladstone famously said: “justice delayed is justice denied”. We couldn’t agree more and applaud the UK Supreme Court’s ruling in this matter. Well done UK, we are excited about this positive direction.

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