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Technical problem is not an extraordinary circumstance court ruled

AuthorThe AirHelper

Finally. There is good news for all air passengers. The airlines should no longer abuse the ‘extraordinary circumstance’ clause. British high court has recently rejected’s ‘extraordinary circumstances’ defense for the flight delayed due to technical problems. After a long battle for what he rightfully deserves, Ronald Huzar shall get compensation for 27-hour flight delay he experienced on a flight from Malaga to Manchester in 2011.

An appeal court ruling over compensation flight delay due to technical problems may become  one of the breakthrough rulings and hopefully will stop the airlines from avoiding their responsibilities. Technical problems are not extraordinary circumstances – we have always known that, yet now it has been stated by the high court and the airlines have to abide by its rulings.

Ronald Huzar started his battle in Manchester county court, which ruled in his favour. took the case all the way to the high court. This appeal was refused and the delayed passenger was awarded €600 compensation.

From AirHelp’s experience technical problems are one of the most abused reasons given by airline when the plane is delayed or cancelled.80 percent of all “technical problems” claims submitted with AirHelp within last three months has been rejected by airline. This is appalling!

If your claim has been rejected due to technical problem do not hesitate and submit your claim with AirHelp. Remember that flight delay and cancellation claims are subject to the UK’s statute of limitations, which allows claims to date back six years. The EU law applies to any flight leaving an EU airport and any flight into Europe on an EU–based airline.

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