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Tears and caffeine are the two ingredients to a successful hackathon

AuthorThe AirHelper

Donning white tees and swigging caffeinated beverages – Redbull and Coke, anyone? – the developers who power AirHelp took to their keyboards for a 24-hour hackathon last week to do what they do best: make that money for you (and us, too.)

AirHelp Hackathon 2016 from AirHelp on Vimeo.

Hackathons aren’t just tales out of a mystical tech-topia. We’re here to make it easier and faster for you to check in on your eligibility of delayed, canceled and overbooked flights. We do this everyday …. And we never said we weren’t going to be nerdy about it. Our developers are proof positive of this.

After a pep talk to launch the late-night session, ourcoding geniuses took to their computers and did all kinds of coding things that we’re not really sure how to explain. There were breaks for soccer (football), laughter and probably some tears (we won’t name names). Here’s a peek at what it looks like behind the scenes – keep an eye out for the new ways you’ll be able to interact with us thanks to these efforts.

See the behind the scenes video of the AirHelp hackathon.

Want your own white tee? Let usknow.

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